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Monday, March 2, 2015

Eternal Friends 2/16/2015

Hey fam,

This week we had leadership meeting in Salta. Got a letter from the Brajeda family (Leandro) in Jujuy. They let me know that Norma and Alberto, his parents, got baptized!!! The best part was that Leo missed the baptism because... he went to the temple in Buenos Aires to do baptisms for the dead!!! Lets'sssss ggoooooooooo.

It's news like this that brings me true joy in the mission.

Mom, please send a message to Leo via Facebook and tell him to write me!

I've been thinking a lot lately about the importance of the GIFT of the Holy Ghost, something we members take for granted a lot. In accordance with our worthiness aka obedience, we have the right to be guided in all that we do, especially in order that we might be instruments in God's hands to bless His children. I've been really motivated lately thinking about the Marcantano family. There are so few sincere seekers of truth that seek, find, and then persevere. In my experience, they are an excellent example. I'd love to hear from Bro or Sister Marcantano a bit (a lot) more about their conversion. I'd like them to know how much I love and respect them for their dedication and sincerity.

Well, my search marches on. We had a great young family in church yesterday. About 3 weeks ago, Oscar, the dad, flagged us down in the street. Told us he was looking for the nearest Jehovahs Witness church. We're like, “No clue, but we know where the Church of Jesus Christ is...”

We set a date, and went and taught him, his wife, and 9 year old son the Restoration. Their son is a BOSS. Knows the Bible better than I do, seriously. Well, long story short, they kinda fought in their family, and told us Sunday that they were gonna stick with the Witnesses. We challenged their son to read 3 Nephi and said we'd come back in 2 or 3 weeks to see how it went. Well, last Sunday we went back and whoa.... They let us in and Oscar says “We never found a JW church, and my son likes your book, so we're gonna stick with you.” Meta.

I was on splits in another area, but Edwards went on Thursday. Well, yesterday (Sunday), at 9 on the dot, they rolled up, Lucas (9) in a tie and everything. The members were excellent fellowshipping and they loved church. They want us to visit them with members, and they seem very sincere seekers of truth! Let's hope the seed has been planted in fertile ground.

Saturday, we had 2 incredible baptisms, highlighted by 78 year old Hugo that I mentioned a few weeks ago. He was in tears afterwards and is the straight definition of “tender little fellow.”

I love the work and am striving to dedicate myself 100%. I'm not perfect either Brigham, but am confident that God sees my effort.

Love ya'll

Elder Blake

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