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Thursday, February 12, 2015

How Bad do you Want it?

Hey fam and friends,
I've been doing a lot of studying and pondering lately, especially yesterday in Sac meeting. The more I'm here, the more I see that the missionaries in the zone don't always go on a mission to serve their purpose to invite others to come unto Christ through the Gospel. Who knows what motivates them, but at the end of the day, I think it is and should be different for everyone. Regardless of what drives you, both in this divine work and in life, one key element to success is dedication. I need to be more dedicated, and see and feel that the rest of the zone does as well.
One of the best examples of dedication that I know is my dog Matt Lawrence. Going in to his senior basketball season, he decided that no one would get in his way of becoming the best player he could be. His vision was incredibly high and he dedicated himself to achieve his goals. I don't fully understand how, but this got him thru a summer of grueling workouts, and hours in the gym. He really surprised the whole town of Wellesley, as he came out flying and was one of the best players in the Bay State. What I admired most about his season was his pure grit, and his disappointment when the team fell short in the playoffs. I've never seen a brother so devastated. He was completely consecrated to the cause, and naturally it hurt when he fell short.
Alright, now I can't express myself as well as I was thinking, and given that I've only got 7 minutes left, here's the takeaway.
Preaching the Gospel is the most important cause in the universe. Moses 1:39 - His work and glory is the eternal life of His children. But what about our work and glory? DyC 11:20 - ""
GOSH DARN IT I don't have time. I feel it in my bones that to really achieve what He expects of me in this work requires that I give EVERYTHING I have - heart, might, mind, and strength. 100% exact obedience to his commandments and standards. Nobody is perfect, and He doesn't expect perfect servants, but he expects a complete effort. DyC 123:17
I'm working on my patience, but it's really starting to get on my nerves just how many people let selfish things weigh them down in this work. We think about OURSELVES way too much. This is called trunkiness in the mission - slacking off because you're close to going home and doing worldly things. DEJÁ AMIGO. Dejá de pensar en vos!!
Hahah forgive my lack of coherency - let's just all try to lose ourselves a but more in our cause. If we do, not only will others be blessed, but we will as well. It's a LIFELONG battle, but it can be fought and won. Lucas 9:23-24. John 3:30
Be great, DON'T SETTLE - Many are called but few are chosen - 3 Nefi 27:33
Elder Blake out

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