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Monday, March 2, 2015

Almost out of time 2/23/2015

Well, I'm almost out of time and don't know if I'll be able to read the rest of the letters. This week was good, kinda hectic with some splits we had to do to help out some companionships. We've basically only got one family that's making progress, but Oh the progress they are making!!! Oscar, Miriam, and Lucas Rodriguez. They are legit investigators, coming off a stint with the Jehovah's witnesses. They made it to church before all the members again, yesterday. Love seeing their sincerity, and especially in a suffering branch, I see them as future leaders.
The branch is on the way up - yesterday we finally had branch council. Gotta work with a less active bishopric, but hey, come what may and love it.
I frickin love my companion. We're gonna be together for another 6 weeks! (Didn't sleep from 2-6 last night because of transfers). Edwards and I had 2 key companionship inventories to workout some kinks, and I gained even more respect for him, felt a lot of love. We're really bonding as brothers - makes me miss my fam and the gang.
I've been studying and listening to a lot of GC talks every day, and I love drinking the words of the living prophets. I'm really low on time, but I'd recommend Oct 2012 - Ballard, "Anxiously Engaged."
I keep feeling the need for MORE dedication, MORE sacrifice, MORE selflessness.
I love this work, and love all of you. Marcantanos, write me about your conversion story!!
Love, Elder Blake

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