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Elder Isaac Blake
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Monday, September 29, 2014

What a week!!!

What a week!!!

Literally had some of the most heartbreaking experiences of my life - twice I just felt like collapsing in the street and calling you, Mom. However, instead, I got on my knees and I called God. Juntos, Elder Mino and I decided we couldnt afford to get down, and both times we just got more motivated to preach and love with POWER.
Alright, so Monday, we brought a dope member to fellowship my boy Adr. -they sat together in church the 21st. However, Adr. came out with his LdM and folletos and extended his arm - "take them. I made my choice, I'm not gonna keep going." For 30 mins we stood there, taking turns trying to figure out why and convince him to not throw in the towel. I have it all in my journal - the recap as follows:

He said that he just can't keep the commandments - I fricking told him 10 times how much I/we love him, but he wouldn't budge. Testified, and Juan Carlos Sanchez went boss hog on him, but didn't budge. Really really tough to lose such a FRIEND. ADRIAN!!!!!!! NOOOOOOO. 

We woke up on Tues and got right after it - banged out 80 burpees, and we didn't look back. Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang, I often say - we're just gonna put our heads down and do what we do best, contact and teach. We killed this week - worked with a good group of members including 2 or 3 days of splits with Leandro and another member. We visited a TON of less actives, working on strengthening everyone. Man, we were lead by the Spirit and just all around found, and taught, and prepared to baptize. 

Half of our investigators (hahaha no, more than half) that are legit are either Leandro's family or friends. What a BOSS - absolutely no fear in this kid. He's going to Seminary and Mission Prep, and might make the cut to receive the Melchizadek Priesthood in 2 weeks. 

One of his friends down the street is Ale - he's pretty lost in the world but after Leo brought him to church 2 times, we went to Ale's house. Turns out his parents are inactive members! On Sat, Mino went with our EQ Pres and they had a dope lesson - they want to get active and help save Ale. Pray for the Garzon family. 

Saturday, we went to visit Mar. (Enzo) - who had a FIRM date for next Saturday - this dude went to church 2wice and LOVED everything about the gospel and the Church. However, all of the sudden, Saturday, he literally went a little crazy (he admitted he has psychological problems) and denied EVERYTHING that we had taught him - she said he could never believe in the LdM nor in the 1st Vision etc. Made me SICK to hear such a great guy tell us that he thinks he is now split between 2 Gods (The God of the Bible and of the LdM) and that he thinks God is gonna curse us all. We testified and told him we love him, but he was past reason. The 2 highlight were no doubt the testimonies of Mino and Leandro - they both stood strong and testified of what we all know. 

I love the hymn "Let us all Press On" - no hay time to give some choice lyrics, but it PUMPS ME UP. Regardless of the crap Satan throws at us, let us all press on with our heads held high!!
Julia added:


  1. 1. Let us all press on in the work of the Lord,
    That when life is o'er we may gain a reward;
    In the fight for right let us wield a sword,
    The mighty sword of truth.
  2. (Chorus)
    Fear not, though the enemy deride;
    Courage, for the Lord is on our side.
    We will heed not what the wicked may say,
    But the Lord alone we will obey.
  3. (Chorus: Alto, Tenor, and Bass)
    Fear not, courage, though the enemy deride;
    We must be victorious, for the Lord is on our side.
    We'll not fear the wicked nor give heed to what they say,
    But the Lord, our Heav'nly Father, him alone we will obey.
  4. 2. We will not retreat, though our numbers may be few
    When compared with the opposite host in view;
    But an unseen pow'r will aid me and you
    In the glorious cause of truth.
  5. 3. If we do what's right we have no need to fear,
    For the Lord, our helper, will ever be near;
    In the days of trial his Saints he will cheer,
    And prosper the cause of truth.
Elder Blake

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hey fam,

Haven't read the letters yet but I'm super pumped for you Brig!! Kill it in the CCM and enjoy being immersed in the beautiful language of Spanish!

As for another brotherly shout out - NOAH!! Dude, I'm so pumped for you that you're playing football. Big thanks to Liam Sullivan for looking out for my boy. Stay strong mentally and physically - it's definitely not easy to balance, but it's WELL worth it! I'm praying for you, that you'll stay healthy and have fun. What number are you?

Dad, I love that speech, His Grace...  You sent it on a USB and I often listen to it in the AM working out.

Anyways, on toi this week. We're really starting to take off here in Alberdi - I'm staying in the present, but am conscious of the fact that I probably only have 4 weeks left on my ticket here in Jujuy. Trying to finish really strong, helping my investigators and converts keep progressing and get the ward involved and excited. We're both amped for the coming weeks - got a lot of potential in our investigator pool and more escogidos (sorry, there just isn't a good translation, something like elect...) are coming out of the woodwork!

Highlights of this week - 

Our boy Adr. didn't make much progress - his words: "Doesn't agree with being baptized." However, we had a dope lesson on Faith and he committed to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy - he beat us to Church which makes it 4 Sundays in a row he's made it there. Frickin love him and the 3 different times this week when he texted us saying he doesn't agree with being baptized, I called him, sorted him out, and told him we love him. 

J C, 16, is another brother that is close to baptism! He started working 24/7, but last Sunday we committed him to keep the Sabbath Holy and come to Church. Didn't hear from him all week, but we showed up Sunday AM and he came with us to Church!!

Another absolute OG is Mart. - he came to the Talent Show on Friday, and Saturday to L's baptism, and after, hahahhaha, he went on splits with E Mino and our golden convert Ldro. I stayed at church and played the piano for the Priesthood Choir. Sunday, he went to Church solo and is making friends with quite a few members.

3 Miracles in church yesterday! We met this kid, 16 or so in the street on Sat. Didn't seem very interested, but he said he'd go to church if we walked together. Swapped numbers. Sun, we stopped by, but his gma said he was asleep - we're thinking, 'classic teenage contact.' Well, 20 mins later, he texts us - 'hey,where are you?' We coordinated, and went back, and he walked out chill and just came to church. YEAH! It was kinda uncomfortable, especially because just about the hardest thing for 16 year olds to do is fellowship and include a new kid at church. However, he's wicked cool and we're gonna teach him today.

Also, MILAGROS AND CELESTE CAME TO CHURCH. They're the little sisters of Leandro, and have strong testimonies of the LdM etc, but have to go to CCE and Mass at the same time that we have Church. They really can't miss supposedly. Well, we got to Church (during the week, we taught them 2wice, but pathetically didn't even invite them to Church, being men of little faith) and the first person I see - MILAGROS! (hey, quiz, do you know what Milagros means in English?) Well, that's what it was. Turns out they changed her schedule to Sunday afternoon!!! Yeah!!! 
IF all goes well, Leandro will be able to baptize her in 2 weeks or so. 

Bueno, as you'll see in the pics, we had a baptism! Lj. V. is 10, and basically a member (her mom is inactive, grandparents are technically active but kinda different). She wanted to get baptized, but nobody was sure if her Dad (who lives in BA or Formosa) was gonna come visit anytime soon and baptize her. Well, Wed, we just asked her mom what the deal was and El. says - let's just have her baptism now. Uhh, sounds good!! Good service, only hiccup being that her Gpa had to dunk her 3 times because he forgot the prayer. Poor girl was freezing cold but an abso trooper.

Anyways, time to get out of here. I absolutely LOVE this work. I make a lot of mistakes, but I can feel at times the pure joy that comes from a consecrated, righteous, selfless service in the Vineyard.

Go Raiders!

Elder Isaac Blake
2 pics of our ward talent show performance - me on the piano and a trio of elders!! Really ugly performance, but hey, whatre you gonna do?

Had a baptism!!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

HEY Fam,

Kinda a weird week. Tuesday, after our district meeting, we decided to kill 30 mins doing street contacts. We had a DOPE contact. We stopped a dude, and he ended up asking if we could help him understand his Bible better. He invited us to his house right then, and we followed him. We answered some questions outside, left a pamphlet, then set an appointment. 

In the noche, we had two quick lesson/bdays with Ldro. and Adr. Ldro is such a boss - Adr's bday was Monday and Leo's tuesday. Leo decided to bake a cake for Adr tuesday, his own birthday, and went with us to take it to him. You can't teach selflessness. Freakin love them both.

Wed, half of the mission (150 missionaries) went to Salta for a mega zona conference with Elder Zeballos of the 70. It was AWESOME, great talks etc, but honestly the best part was catching up with other missionaries. Got to see a TON of buddies, but more than anything, talk to the sisters that whitewashed Limache in May, when Herm and I got transferred. 

They ran up to me and said, "are you THE elder Blake? Wow, we've been waiting to meet you." They began to just give a report of all the people I worked with there - they said Ald. and Gab. talk about me and Herm all the time. Both of them are going strong, and went out with the sisters like everyday. 

Luc. Flo., an 18 year old member, also talked to them about me a lot. Apparently he really liked me - he struggles a lot with his non member girlfriend, and other worldly things etc. He's planning on getting married this year, but don't have a ton of details. 

They talked about all of my former investigators that they visited, other converts etc, and life in general in Limache. Over all, it made me feel so good to know that I left an impression on the people there. Made me feel like allll of this is reallly worth it. 

Friday, we taught our dope new friend Martin - he's 27 and a bit socially different so to speak, but really just a pure soul. We taught him the Restoration and he had read the pamphlet, and wanted to know all about Jose Smith. We prayed together and felt the Spirit strongly - he said he received an answer. Left feeling on top of the world. 

Also taught Adr the PoS with a different member - great lesson. He understood and liked it. 

Saturday, we got after it with quite a few lessons. Unfortunately, our lesson with Adr didn't go as we would have liked - read the 10 commandments, and he wasn't too receptive to the Sabbath Day and the Law of Chastity. Turns out he has at least one girlfriend. I feel a ton of love teaching him - he lives alone, he's lonely, and just wants company. Said he'd pray for strength to obey, but wasn't too firm. 

Had a tough day in church yesterday, but Adr showed up as well as Martin and one of Ldro's friends. I played the hymns ok, not too well. 

We finally were able to teach Juln and Roc. C. again, 2 siblings (16 and 13). They are great, but lack self confidence to drop things of the world. However, we taught well and should see progress - also, Sabbath Day and Chastity. 

Sobre todo, the last lesson was the best/most notable. Adr. He came out with his LdM and tried to drop us, saying he just isn't able to keep the commandments. We convinced him to let us in. We asked a few Qs and opened him up a bit. One of the most tender moments of my mission - as this man told us about his life, how he's lonely and looking for company and often asks himself why he's even still trying, and as the tears welled up in his eyes, I was FILLED with love. I don't know how to describe it. I keep saying to E Miño, "What a great, yet confused little man." I just wanted to hug him. 

We taught him a little about eternal families, read the Family Proclamation, and more than anything just told him we love him and are gonna help him! We ended with a prayer and I just got up and hugged him. 

What frustrates me most about this world is that the majority of people, when faced with some sort of enemy or opposition, just throw in the towel. It's just eeeaassssyyyyyy (Coach Magpiong voice). When the going gets tough, the tough (should) get going. Unfortunately, so many people just don't have faith in themselves, and instead of bearing down, they just wanna lay down and quit. Remember, who we are is not who we have the potential to become!!

Don't give up, believe in yourselves!!! Never back down, don't throw in the towel. I'll be at your side, because I KNOW that we can overcome anything.


Elder Blake (Isaac) - 
SHOUTOUT Elder 52 in the DR and to Noah with football going on. Remember to work hard and don't worry about not getting everything at first or being in pain. The pain in temporary. You have great coaches. Don't take things personally though - all football coaches yell. Just believe in yourself. Way to take 8R - it's killer. Don't feel bad if you want to drop it.                                                                             

Three generations

Old pics from Oran

Monday, September 8, 2014


It’s been a great week and a great end of this transfer. You never know, but all good – I’m staying here wth my hijo. I was really scared, just because they’re SO many people here who I LOVE so much. Also, I’ve worked hard to arm our pool – now it’s time to help them get baptized.

As for ther news, Elder Ramirez, my papi, is here in Jujuy!! He’s our new ZL. Soooo pumped to see him and work with him before he heads home in Dec. Love him.

Also, SHOUT OUT  my main man 52 – last 2 days as a civilian – pretty surreal. You’re gonna love it and kill it. My biggest parting advice is this – take your setting apart seriously – once you're a missionary, even if you don't have the badge yet, you’re a missionary. Think about the implcations of such a setting apart. Start your journal now, and record the blessing you get from P. Rollins on Dads phone or something. CHERISH these 2 years – it goes by WAY too fast. DISFRUTELO!!!

This week was dope. Our boy Ldro. who got baptized 2 weeks ago is literally the biggest light I’ve ever seen. Let your light so shine before the world!!!  He taught with us almost every lesson this week and left with the other missionaries the other days. He loves preaching. OH MAN its incredible – when he's not with us,  he’s teaching his family or a group of his MANY friends. Wow. Wow. Last night, he sent us a text at 1 am in response to me saying ¨¨where you at¨ saying basically this ¨Elders, I just got home, sorry, I was teaching the gospel and oh YEA I found 2 people that want to get baptized. Come over tomorrow to meet them. Good night¨

What he does is literally anyone with ears that he knows, he teaches them the Restoration or the PoS. He makes his friends (who dont take him seriously at first) kneel down and pray and ASK God if he teaches the truth. His buddies all end up with tears in their eyes.

This kid Leandro is a miracle. He was in a coma 2 years ago becuase he got jumped and stabbed. He was LOST in the world of sex, drugs, and alcohol. I don’t know where he’d be in life if we hadn’t contacted him that Sunday in the end of Ju-ly. We’re fighting to send him to the Temple in 2 weeks. This kid can change the world.

Speakin of that, on Sat night, we left his house aftr a lesson. His bro Kv. (20) was drunk and with all his friends, and started heckling a bit. He calls me Elder Black and Elder Miño is Elder White (´they say wit´). Love it. Anyways, we invited them to Church, and they said they'd go. Didn’t think much of it. Well, Sun we roll in at 9:05 and Kevin and 2 friends are there in the frickin Priesthood class. He says to me, straight face, ´you’re late.´ WOW. What a BOSS.

He loved it, and we’re gonna start teaching them all – help them excape. The big problem is that a lot of his friends and brothers are unmarried but living with families.

As you’ll see in the pics, we did some service this week. Kept digging a well for a member and then as a ward we cleaned up a park that has a ton of trash in it.

We found another great soul last week – Isabel is about 60. She’s had a LdM for like 20 years, but lost contact with the missionaries. We invited her to pray about the Libro. She said the prayer – really sincere, then waited for an answer. We waited too, like 6 minutes...

Turns out she felt a very calm peace come over her. She felt so good and comfortable...

...that she fell asleep...

Hahaa loved it. She then woke up and started to cry. She said she felt distinct. We invited her to be baptized and she’s all systems go for the 27th. Made it to Church alone for the 2nd time. She’s a sweetheart.

Today is our boy Ad’s birthday – the bosshog turns 48 (I way overestimated). Oh yeah, it turns out Flor. is only 19(!!!!). What! Oh yea, we finally got to sit dwn with her again – turns out her ex boyfriend hit her and knocked her out and then kidnapped Per. He ended up leaving her with her Gma because she was crying soo much. The police took Flor in to custody (who knows why) and she’s been running all over the place ever since trying to work things out. A Judge intervnend and claims that Flor mistreated Perla or something – for now she can't see her mother. We’re praying a ton for them.

Something similar happened with Hyd. and her kids – they discovered that her 3 youngest were abused in their old school. She’s going thru Hell right now. Impossible to meet with them for now, but she wants to get baptized.

Over everything, I know the Gospel has been restored and can change lives. It will take us home again if we live it. The toughest thing for people is to take that leap of faith and trust that the Gospel can save them.

Brig, be good, stay strong, and work hard!!
Noah, keep fighting in the gridiron – pain is temporary!

Go Raiders,

Elder Blake

Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day

Dearest fam and friends,

Love you all, we had a fantastic week, a great rebound from some adversity. Monday, we kinda got dropped by Hy. - we still don't know exaccctttllllyyyy why but we've been able to do some digging and I think she got spooked by tithing. Also, the girls (12 and 9) get made fun of for 'being Mormon.' Sweet.

We're giving them some space but I still love them to death - not gonna give up. I gave them one of my 2 usb music players so Hy. can listen to the LdM since she can't read. We'll see how that goes. 

Tuesday, Wed, and Thurs were all miraculous. We've been struggle to find new investigators but getting dumped by them kinda got me amped to go hunting again for more of the elect (los escogidos!!). All 3 days we had plans fall thru so we just sat down in the street and prayed. Tues - we found a humble fam of 4, the Cardozos - we'll see, stay tuned!

Wed, a woman named Marta.

Thursday - woooowwww, a ton of new people! including some of Le's (recent convert) sisters. Alright, gonna back up. 

My absolute home dog Adr., the older fellow whose pretty quiet and reserved, tried to break up with us too. He's scared of breaking his family traditions. However, we listened, and just told him to trust God and start praying - he's looking for work and also as he says, a companion (compañera - specified in Spanish as a female companion) - LOVE IT. 

Anyways, he took the advice, and I let him know we love him and will be at his side. Friday, we had a dope lesson where he bore testimony of the power of prayer, and even taught one of Leandro's friend how to pray - taught it better than most people I know. Speaking of that, Leandro is just the biggest boss - he wants to visit ppl with us every day and he pesters all his friends and family to listen to the Restored Gospel. Wow.

Fab. and Flo. and making me kinda sad and frustrated. Flo. is fine, turns out she was just waiting in the police station to give her side of the story. She's in another part of town with her mom right now - haven't seen her in 10 days, since she told us she believes the LdM is true. We saw Fab. a ton during the week. He's friends with Ldro. (wwicked small world here) and well he's relapsing into an addiction to computer games. He spends all day in the ciber rotting his brain. Really frustrates me. At night, he's never home. Ughhhh. 

We had some great progress with Ju. and Ro., 16 and 13 respectively. Turns out another contact that has come to church 2wice now is their uncle! He's Hg., who's going blind. The 3 of them are each in their own path to conversion with different obstacles, but are progressing. We had such a great lesson with Ro. on Sat - we met in the Church with Ldro. and Ser., a less active member who knows Ro. We showed her the baptismal font and the chapel, then taught the Restoration. Her mom was gonna get baptized like 3 years ago, but passed away before she could. We taught about the temple and baptisms for the dead, the whole plan of Salvation last week - Ro. got really excited to know she can get baptized for her mom. Well, at the end of the lesson, we told her to pray and ask God if the LdM is true. She said she didn't believe He'd respond right there. We said - try it, if you ask with faith, he'll answer. 

She prayed sooooo sincerely, and stayed down like 2 mins, and got up with tears in her eyes. She said she felt something she hadn't felt in years. We were all emotional, and I told her, "Sometimes the veil is thin. I can feel you Mom's presence here, right now. I know God loves you all and that He and your Mom are so happy for you."

Yesterday, we had a lot of new investigators show up to Church, as well as Hu. and Ro., and my booooiiii Adr. 

The work continues to roll forward. I am sooo grateful for God's goodness and mercy. This is His work. I have felt in this week more than ever the power and necessity for prayer. 2 Nefi 26:15 - "Las oraciones do los fieles seran oidas" !!!

Thank you all for your love. Keep praying for our pool and our ward!

Flia Erazo
Flia Velasquez
Flia Brajeda
Flia Cardozo
Flia Fernandez
Flia Maygua
Flia Orellana
Flia Zerpa
Flia Barrancos

Elder Blake
In red are some questions I asked Isaac (thank you DSZ).

1.    If you could spend your missionary time doing only one activity, what would that activity be? Why?
Listening to investigators pray. When someone prays for the first few times, and especially asks God for specific blessings and answers, the Spirit is soooo strong. I can't not smile . 

2.   If you could learn how to do something new next week as a missionary, what would you choose? Why?
In the mission, there aren't "learn how to do somethings."  I would love to keep developing skills/attributes like charity and patience, but for me, it all has to do with serving others, not necessarily personal activities. Understood? hahaha

3.  What aspects of DISCIPLESHIP are you learning and how will you use them when you get home?
OOooo, great question. Selflessness. It's tough, especially as natural men, but here as a missionary, I don't have to worry about myself that much - food, clothes etc aren't a problem. I'm learning to dedicate ALL that I do to the eternal progress of others. See life from their shoes, find ways to make them happy. Specifically, when I get home I'm gonna STRIVE to make new members and investigators feel loved and welcomed and cared about. I wanna continue to lose myself in the needs of others, and help them feel the Saviors´s love.