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Monday, March 2, 2015

This isn't Brae Burn

Hey fam,
We were pretty dog tired after transfers, and battled all week to work hard. I felt at times as if I needed Coach Kelton over my shoulder screaming, "Let's goooo, this isn't Brae Burn, quit WALking overrrr herrrrreeeee." Haahahha, good times. But seriously, I was kind of a baby, especially cause it rained Thurs-Saturday, a constant drizzle. Just the most miserable weather. No excuses. This week will be much better. (Julia's note - how many of us in Boston would trade for that 'miserable' weather?).
This highlight of the week was hands down our lesson on Fri with the Rodriguez fam. We slipped and slid to their house, thru about a mile of mud, and finally made it. They dropped everything and we sang a hymn and Miriam (the mother) said the first prayer. She prays better than most people I know. Anyways, they told us that as a family they've decided they wanna be firm and constant, never making excuses, in church and participating every Sunday. It was incredible. Miriam said she's been dreaming about the Book of Mormon since they began to read, and Oscar (papa) says he hasn't prayed about it yet, but thinks it's a good idea. I seriously left the lesson with a HUMUNGOUS smile on my face, for 30 mins couldn't stop.
Now, unfortunately they didn't make it yesteday. I called in the afternoon, and Miriam sounded a bit worried and just said they were out and about and had a problem, and thus they couldn't go. She said they'd let us know on Wednesday. I'm hoping and praying that they'll stay constant.
Speaking of constancy, what a good subject to discuss. THIS ISN'T BRAE BURN. Myself included, we all need to be more constant!! Mom, you told me that Latter - Day Saints are about the only people that go to church every Sunday according to a recent study. I'll assume that's a US stat. I'm learning patience, and the importance of true conversion to the GOSPEL here. So many people are caught up in the world, whether they want to be or not. Almost all of our members, including the leaders of the branch, are less active. It's really sad actually, that no one can string together more than 3 or 4 Sundays without missing Church. Pray for the Argentine economy? Or maybe we just all need to trust a bit more in God and His commandments (aka the Sabbath Day).
Love ya'll,
Elder Blake

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