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Elder Isaac Blake
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Friday, June 5, 2015

Bottomless Blake

Hey fam,

So this week has been sweet because I've been here in Mitre every day!! This almost never happens but we don't have to start splits with the ZLs till next week, so we took advantage, in all aspects.

1st of all, I've been a little hungrier than normal because every day of the week we got out at 7am to run/get after it in the park. As a result of the extra room in my belly, I went bold and broke my single-sitting empanada record. As a reference point, here, you can buy a good quality dozen for like 6 bucks, and that is sufficient for a good appetite. Well, with the help of the Flores family (Nahuel, who we helped get baptized last month) and Fernando, Agustina, and their mom, I successfully pounded... 25. Now the district wants to pit me against the best eaters in the mission, including elder Fuga, a BYU defensive lineman...

Hahaha, so apart from that anecdote....

We're focusing a lot right now on hunting families that have sincere desires to be strengthened, follow Christ, and get to the Temple. Honestly, it's been frustrating. We've been talking with everyone, but the majority of the people in our area are comfortable with life as they know it... :(

One of the tools we're trying to use is the ward directory. In our area, we've got 425 names, and about 45 are active. We're trying to get to know more and more less active members because they often are just waiting for someone to rescue them, and also often have family members that also yearn for the blessings of the Gospel. Slow and steady we're finding people with potential.

Above all, I'm realizing more and more the importance of the Spirit, and also of prayer in obtaining more of it! I love 3 Nephi 19:9 - look it up!

I love you all and hope we can strive together to deepen our love and dedication towards our Father in Heaven and our Savior, Jesus Christ. When in doubt or need, just kneel and pray.

Elder Isaac Blake

Trying to rescue the lost sheep!

With my comp, E Tello. Boss


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