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Elder Isaac Blake
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Sunday, June 7, 2015

1st Annual North vs. South Council Classic

Hey fam,

From what I can remember, this has been a tiring, rewarding, pretty normal week down here. I don't know if I remembered to tell you or frankly when developed, but the beloved Chuychuy family that we're teaching decided to set a firm date for their marriage - a smaller, lucheon type deal on Saturday, June 20! They're excited and are progressing very very well in the Gospel and their transition into the Church. 

Aside from them, we continue the search for the elect here in Mitre, as well as in other areas, We're finding some good prospects, but there isn't a lot of constancy just yet. We're trying to work on ministering to all people better, visiting a lot of members (mostly less-actives) and searching for those with desires to follow Christ and strengthen their families. Speaking of so, we're working with the Rios family, at least 6 members that we've met so far. Their ypungest is 15 and pretty rebelious if I might say so, but they all love it when we visit! All of them are members, pretty less active, except Hermana Rios, who usually goes to Church. Anyways, there you've got a great family that feels the Spirit and wants to get back to serving in the Church.

I love helping people feel our Savior's love. Thanks to the Light of Christ, it's a familiar feeling for everyone. The key is an open heart and open mind. Don't wait till life get's tough to seek the pure love of Christ and they hope it brings.

As for some less spiritual details, Tues was leadership council. The ZLs have to travel between 2 and 6 hours by bus to make it to our house (side note from the Raider side of me. This is the most spiritual, clean-fun frat house in the world. We cram like 30 dudes into our house for a sleep-over once a month the night before council). Anyways, someone had the brilliant idea of playing soccer, the northern zones versus the southern zones (Jujuy and Salta vs. Tucuman and Santiago). We came out to an even 11 on 11 just like the big boys play and we were out on the court/field at 6 AM. Haahahah, I'm not exactly Messi or Landon Donovan, or even Pich (O.o), but I can hold my own (well, lie, I don't exactly hold my own...). But anyways, it was wicked fun and it got everyone awake for a good council on  how to hasten the work.

We took a quick 2 day road trip and working with some ZLs. Had good days with E Burnett and E Moyano (BsAs, great character) and worked hard. It's always tough to keep up the energy after hours in the truck, but like the Argentines say, "no queda otro" (something that - what else can you do??).

Love you fam. I keep thinking about what motivates me to live the Gospel, and try and apply that to others to spark their interest. For me it's simple. I love my family and my friends and the experiences I've had in my life. I don't want it to end, and couldn't bare it if death was the end of it all. I simply know that thanks to Jesus Christ, we can continue living together for time and all eternity. It's something that I feel deeply sure of. Doubt and insecurity don't occupy my bones. It's something I know. 

Everyone goes thru times in their lives of sadness, loneliness, insecurity. Ether 12:4 my friends. God lives and loves. If you need a friend, or have questions, let me know. We have the answers.

Elder Isaac Blake 

6 AM soccer!!

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