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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Transfer Week

Hey fam,

It's been a pretty good week over here in Salta. Started off with the Chuychuy's wedding which was great, then they came to church on Sunday. I've worked with a new comp every day of the week, which is my life since being here in Mitre...

My new official proselyting comp is E' Rod, who's a young boss from Colombia. He's got fire which is great cause I STILL DO TOOOOO!!!!!  Don't try to start to thinking that just because I'm a mission senior citizen doesn't mean I don't stilll get after it. We are starting to find some great investis.

I got to work in splits with my absolute homeboy Elder Philpot this week. He's a ZL in Salta Oeste, the first zone I was in. I was kinda nervous honestly because we worked so well together back in Nov, but it's been a while since we've been together for an extended period of time. Well, I calmed my fears... Hahahah we went out around 5 and struck up a conversation from the first minute together till we made it back to the apt (stopping and talking with almost every person that crossed our path to break it up). I was amazed at just how much I connect with him. We have a lot in common and our missions have followed very similar patterns. I told him - he's become one of my best friends in the whole world. 

It's made me reflect this week about friendship. Elder Slighting has also become one of my best friends. I feel soooo lucky to have been able to get to know so many great people in my life, especially because up until I was 14 I never really felt very comfortable socially. Just wanna give a shout out to all of you, but especially Matty Law, Pich, Big Mac, Ned Holmes, Tim and Kev Superko, the Ainges, Hugh Roberts, Dallin Padgett, and other mission comps. I feel very blessed to have such great friends. 

Thursday, my new comp arrived from Tucuman - E' Contreras from Chile. He finishes in Nov. He's a warrior, a real role-model. He's 25, and the only member of the church in his fam. He got baptized around 16 and told me that the missionaries knocked on his door practically every day for a week so they could talk with him - he hid or made excuses, because he wasn't really interested in hearing about a church or Jesus. But they persisted and look where he's at now... Such a boss. He's humble and focused, and it'll be great working with him.

So yesterday, Pres showed us the transfer board and what he'd done with the areas. We discussed the movement and organization of some zones and areas, then he finalized and we spent all afternoon/night organizing the bus trips and etc. Tomorrow we'll pass the info to the ZLs by telephone and then they're off. 

Gonna miss 2 great comps - E' Tello who's gonna be white-washing an area and training! And E' Slighting who's also white-washing an area - his house hahaha. I hope to stay in touch with both and Slighting and I will for sure get together in Provo and drink mate (hahahahaha mom your little email made us all laugh so hard. Mate is like the Argentines' water - but I personally don't like it at all. We're prohibited to drink it from a straw/share with anyone else, but it's very popular in 'saquitos?' like an herbal tea.) (It's the go to breakfast because it's so cheap - think about it, it's literally grass in a bag, boiled...). 

But yeah, that's about it. Love you guys. 

I've been studying talks from GC and the LdM this week. Had some epiphanies reading Christofferson's talk from Apr 2015 - Made me excited (but not too much) to find a fantastic girl and get married. I highly recommend it. A gospel centered home with 2 equally yoked parents is SOOO important. Mom and Dad, I'll thank you better in person, but you need to know just how grateful I am for what you've done for me, the love you have for me, and the doors you open to our family.

Elder Isaac Blake


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