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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last of 2014

Hey fam,

Thanks for your letters. They moved P-Day back to Wed this week because of the new year, and I've been dying to write you since we skyped. Don't have a ton of time, so I hope I remember everything I wanted to say.

Brig, loved talking to you in Spanish and I LOVE that you're really assimilating to the culture. Like I've said, never speak or even think in English, and you'll be great. From what I could tell, you really do understand pretty much everything. I think what's tough for you is the same thing that's tough for me - pronunciation and speaking. Keep immersing yourself, but especially with the talking out loud etc. In all that you say, if though it'll be awkward, slow down and really accentuate every vowel, that way when you start speaking faster, you'll be losing your gringo accent. Try reading the LdM in Spanish out loud for Idioma, if you aren't already. 

Dad, again, sorry about what I said about your Spanish. It was stupid. I loved your letter titled "Choosing Everything." Keep up the good work. I'm learning a lot about reproving with sharpness and then showing the increase of love. A big key is having love in the first place. I can say that almost always, instead of tearing into someone, I tend to be a wimp and not say anything at all. I need to work on courage to speak up and correct with love. Can't lie, I'm jealous of the weather - we're consistently around 40-45 degrees Celsius here in good ole Santiago. 

Mom, thanks for your tidbits. I'm pleased to have been able to talk with you last week, and I'm glad it made you happy. I was SOOOO nervous when I called in the AM from the phone, not sure why. Maybe because I love y'all and you didn't pick up the 1st few times. It was weird hearing a buzon de voz (hahah i think they say caller ID or something) in English. I feel bad that me and Brig were losers the 1st time we went to the K's house and met the Kerrs. That's wicked cool about being a Patriarch. It's a calling that fascinates me.

I wish I would have closed my mouth more so it was more of an interaction, when I get excited or am happy, I really run my mouth (ask like ALL of my comps) ahahahha. 

This week and 2 days have been really fun and rewarding - we've been contacting like locos. Found a great family contacting (see my other letter). I LOVE this work and am really starting to be filled with love for my comp and the area. Before the call, I was kinda scared that maybe in August, I wouldn't really feel like going home, like it's be something normal, kinda sad. Yes it'll be sad but after seeing your faces and hearing your voices, I've gotta buckle down so I don't get trunky. Holy Cow, a mission FLIES. Can't freakin wait to see y'all and see the Gang, but I promise I'll give my whole soul these last months. Brig, DISFRUTE.

Hey one last quick note - we're helpinng converts on FamilySearch.org, and I checked my own family tree and there's nothing for Antone's parents and so forth. What's the story there. Also, quick shoutout to Gma and Gpa - Grandpa, I forgot to wish you a happy b-day. LOVE YOU both sooo much, keep going strong. I'll be down to visit A LOT, when I'm back at BYU.

Alright, that's everything, 

Choose the right, love everyone!

Elder Blake


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