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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

White Christmas

Hey fam!
This week in Santiago has been really good. I love my new comp and the area is great. I already love the culture and people of Santiago. Elder Vera is from Colorado - he's 6 months older than me in real years and mission time. He's way chill and kinda wierd like I am - we make a good duo. From the first day, he's been teaching me by example what it really means to SERVE. We went to the grocery store last week and when he saw that the lines were moving slowly, he went to the register and volunteered to bag groceries for the people. I followed and it was a great experience. We then cut a less active members "grass" with machetes (see pics) and we're just trying to lose ourselves in the lives of the members, people, and missioneries here in Santiago.
He told me and it's been a bit evident that he struggles a bit with organization, memory, balancing a big load etc. He's way easy going and sometimes it means that people or tasks are forgotten. Luckily, he's way humble and open and told me he wants to improve there, and I'd consider organization one of my strengths (shout out to mom for the semi-obsessive compulsive gene!!) We're gonna clean things up and as I get to know the members a little better we're gonna get the Autonomia train up to full speed!
This branch is small and struggling - however, the few members and leaders that we have are really excited and willing to work. It's gonna be a fun little project to elevate the branch.
Bueno, here in Santiago, I think it might be the hottest place on earth. Yesterday, it hit 40 degrees C, and they say it'll hit 50 in Jan. Pray for us, but especially the sisters in our zone! They're freakin warriors (4 of them had to suffer the monthy fast yesterday in an apartment without a fan or AC).
Ok so my time is up but a quick experience - Sat in my morning prayer I asked God what he wanted to me to do that day. He told me we should get out and talk with everyone, invite them to learn more about Jesus. Well, we found 2 great families that accepted baptisimal invites - we're gonna be working a ton here!
Last few logistics:
Ma, I've been buying souveniers a bit, but also stuff for the work (backpack, watch), paying for packages, buying gifts for converts, and paying for extra food and taxis etc. I'm gonna go frugal now. I'll let you know when/if I need more.
I'd love it if you guys wrote me your initial reactions to my emails so I don't just feel like I'm writing a blog for the public - let me know what you think!

Dad, keep praying and studying in EspaƱol!
Brigham, read Alma 17:9 when you get down. Your mission will go as you want it to go, regardless of your comps, if you LOVE, and trust in God.
Mom, can you research a few bands for me (I think they'd be appropriate to listen to here, but I wanna see who they are and what they believe etc)
The Lower Lights
Rend Collective
An album called "Nearer"
Do what you can and let me know!!
Love E Blake

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