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Elder Isaac Blake
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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy 2015

Hey fam and friends,

This week has been really great - stressful but very rewarding. We're pressed for time because we're here in the bus terminal waiting for our bus to Salta for leadership meeting, so I won't have time to read and respond. Sorry!

Kinda weird writing after a short week. Since Wed, we've kept the fire going, talking with everyone!! This week, we did 154 street contacts, which is the highest week total I've hit since I started keeping track about 6 months ago. They weren't in vain! We're exploding the teaching pool here in Autonomia and had 7 investigators in Church yesterday. That's the most E' Vera has had in his 4 months. We're really excited because 6 of the 7 are people we've been working hard to get to church, and the 7th is a friend of a member that wants to learn more about the Gospel!

We're focusing here and in the whole zone on talking with everyone. About a year ago, Elder Ballard came to ARG and talked about just how important it is to do so, using some very strong words. He essentially said that if a missionary doesn't talk with at least 20 people per day and ask for refs from everyone, he or she wont have success on the mission. Those are harsh biting words, and that can certainly be overwhelming for some, but if we trust in the scrips, like DyC 24;12, we will be given strength and courage to open our mouths. I KNOW that if we do what the prophet and apostles council us to do, we will be blessed! 

It can be tough to help the other companionships build their faith in this work and in the promises of the Lord and His servants, but its possible. I've been studying every Sunday in DyC 121:34-46 about how to better influence for good. 

1st: gotta clean out the closet of ALL pride and selfishness
2nd: Seek to cultivate Christ's attributes, most of all, CHARITY (TPLOC - s/o Sister Shearer!!)  The pure love of Christ
3rd: Follow the Spirit in reprehending and exhorting and praising

I love the work and the Gospel. Sun's coming out but the Autonomia Express is also picking up the pace, so watch out Satan! Hahaha ok but seriously, I feel really good about what we're trying to do, 'seeking to establish His Zion' (1 Nefi 13:37), and can see the Lord's hand guiding us. I've started to realize just how important it is to trust in His Spirit in all that I do so that I can be sure I'm on His errand, and I hope to keep following it more faithfully. 

Love yall,

Elder Isaac Blake

PS - check out this tractor tire we lifted from a soccer field and wheeled like 2 miles to our house one morning. I'm doing the classic Jesse Davis tire flips along side the house in the AM to stay light on my feet and strong in the hole. GO Raiders!!

Monthly Leadership Meeting in Salta

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