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Elder Isaac Blake
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Monday, December 29, 2014

Dec 22, 2014

Hey fam and friends,

This week was really pretty good. On Tuesday, we had our Christmas Zone Conference. We basically had to stay up until 2am on Monday waiting for the APs to sleepover. That killed me - I was dead all day, but somehow persevered through the fatigue and we rounded up some soda, ice cream, and 420 empanadas to feed the hungry elders and sisters. In the afternoon, the APs worked with us (divide and conquer our area) and I went with E' Almond from California. He's really cool and a really good missionary. Taught me a lot by his example - it's important to slow down and talk ccccllllleeeeeaaaarrrrrllllyyyyyyyy, so the people understand and can feel the spirit. We contacted a lot of people - I'm trying to revive the spirit of Hablar con Todos with E' Vera. ABRI LA BOCA!!!

Wed, I went to Ejercito Argentino on splits. Learned a lot about correcting with love and love in general. My comp said something that I loved, that really helped me in my companionship and will help a ton when I'm married: "True love is loving someones defects as well as their virtues."  Analyze that.

There isn't a ton of progress in the area, but we've got a family that's reactivting themselves and we'll be working a lot with Miriam and her daughters and her partner Victor Manuel. Pray for them! 

I'm ticked right now because I cant send pics, but yesterday we had a living Nativity in the Stake Center, complete with a live actor for the baby jesus. Guess who were 2 of the angels that appeared to the shepherds!! We were! Hahaha it was way fun.

Alright, love you all, merry Christmas!

Elder Blake

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