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Monday, September 29, 2014

What a week!!!

What a week!!!

Literally had some of the most heartbreaking experiences of my life - twice I just felt like collapsing in the street and calling you, Mom. However, instead, I got on my knees and I called God. Juntos, Elder Mino and I decided we couldnt afford to get down, and both times we just got more motivated to preach and love with POWER.
Alright, so Monday, we brought a dope member to fellowship my boy Adr. -they sat together in church the 21st. However, Adr. came out with his LdM and folletos and extended his arm - "take them. I made my choice, I'm not gonna keep going." For 30 mins we stood there, taking turns trying to figure out why and convince him to not throw in the towel. I have it all in my journal - the recap as follows:

He said that he just can't keep the commandments - I fricking told him 10 times how much I/we love him, but he wouldn't budge. Testified, and Juan Carlos Sanchez went boss hog on him, but didn't budge. Really really tough to lose such a FRIEND. ADRIAN!!!!!!! NOOOOOOO. 

We woke up on Tues and got right after it - banged out 80 burpees, and we didn't look back. Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang, I often say - we're just gonna put our heads down and do what we do best, contact and teach. We killed this week - worked with a good group of members including 2 or 3 days of splits with Leandro and another member. We visited a TON of less actives, working on strengthening everyone. Man, we were lead by the Spirit and just all around found, and taught, and prepared to baptize. 

Half of our investigators (hahaha no, more than half) that are legit are either Leandro's family or friends. What a BOSS - absolutely no fear in this kid. He's going to Seminary and Mission Prep, and might make the cut to receive the Melchizadek Priesthood in 2 weeks. 

One of his friends down the street is Ale - he's pretty lost in the world but after Leo brought him to church 2 times, we went to Ale's house. Turns out his parents are inactive members! On Sat, Mino went with our EQ Pres and they had a dope lesson - they want to get active and help save Ale. Pray for the Garzon family. 

Saturday, we went to visit Mar. (Enzo) - who had a FIRM date for next Saturday - this dude went to church 2wice and LOVED everything about the gospel and the Church. However, all of the sudden, Saturday, he literally went a little crazy (he admitted he has psychological problems) and denied EVERYTHING that we had taught him - she said he could never believe in the LdM nor in the 1st Vision etc. Made me SICK to hear such a great guy tell us that he thinks he is now split between 2 Gods (The God of the Bible and of the LdM) and that he thinks God is gonna curse us all. We testified and told him we love him, but he was past reason. The 2 highlight were no doubt the testimonies of Mino and Leandro - they both stood strong and testified of what we all know. 

I love the hymn "Let us all Press On" - no hay time to give some choice lyrics, but it PUMPS ME UP. Regardless of the crap Satan throws at us, let us all press on with our heads held high!!
Julia added:


  1. 1. Let us all press on in the work of the Lord,
    That when life is o'er we may gain a reward;
    In the fight for right let us wield a sword,
    The mighty sword of truth.
  2. (Chorus)
    Fear not, though the enemy deride;
    Courage, for the Lord is on our side.
    We will heed not what the wicked may say,
    But the Lord alone we will obey.
  3. (Chorus: Alto, Tenor, and Bass)
    Fear not, courage, though the enemy deride;
    We must be victorious, for the Lord is on our side.
    We'll not fear the wicked nor give heed to what they say,
    But the Lord, our Heav'nly Father, him alone we will obey.
  4. 2. We will not retreat, though our numbers may be few
    When compared with the opposite host in view;
    But an unseen pow'r will aid me and you
    In the glorious cause of truth.
  5. 3. If we do what's right we have no need to fear,
    For the Lord, our helper, will ever be near;
    In the days of trial his Saints he will cheer,
    And prosper the cause of truth.
Elder Blake

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