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Elder Isaac Blake
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

HEY Fam,

Kinda a weird week. Tuesday, after our district meeting, we decided to kill 30 mins doing street contacts. We had a DOPE contact. We stopped a dude, and he ended up asking if we could help him understand his Bible better. He invited us to his house right then, and we followed him. We answered some questions outside, left a pamphlet, then set an appointment. 

In the noche, we had two quick lesson/bdays with Ldro. and Adr. Ldro is such a boss - Adr's bday was Monday and Leo's tuesday. Leo decided to bake a cake for Adr tuesday, his own birthday, and went with us to take it to him. You can't teach selflessness. Freakin love them both.

Wed, half of the mission (150 missionaries) went to Salta for a mega zona conference with Elder Zeballos of the 70. It was AWESOME, great talks etc, but honestly the best part was catching up with other missionaries. Got to see a TON of buddies, but more than anything, talk to the sisters that whitewashed Limache in May, when Herm and I got transferred. 

They ran up to me and said, "are you THE elder Blake? Wow, we've been waiting to meet you." They began to just give a report of all the people I worked with there - they said Ald. and Gab. talk about me and Herm all the time. Both of them are going strong, and went out with the sisters like everyday. 

Luc. Flo., an 18 year old member, also talked to them about me a lot. Apparently he really liked me - he struggles a lot with his non member girlfriend, and other worldly things etc. He's planning on getting married this year, but don't have a ton of details. 

They talked about all of my former investigators that they visited, other converts etc, and life in general in Limache. Over all, it made me feel so good to know that I left an impression on the people there. Made me feel like allll of this is reallly worth it. 

Friday, we taught our dope new friend Martin - he's 27 and a bit socially different so to speak, but really just a pure soul. We taught him the Restoration and he had read the pamphlet, and wanted to know all about Jose Smith. We prayed together and felt the Spirit strongly - he said he received an answer. Left feeling on top of the world. 

Also taught Adr the PoS with a different member - great lesson. He understood and liked it. 

Saturday, we got after it with quite a few lessons. Unfortunately, our lesson with Adr didn't go as we would have liked - read the 10 commandments, and he wasn't too receptive to the Sabbath Day and the Law of Chastity. Turns out he has at least one girlfriend. I feel a ton of love teaching him - he lives alone, he's lonely, and just wants company. Said he'd pray for strength to obey, but wasn't too firm. 

Had a tough day in church yesterday, but Adr showed up as well as Martin and one of Ldro's friends. I played the hymns ok, not too well. 

We finally were able to teach Juln and Roc. C. again, 2 siblings (16 and 13). They are great, but lack self confidence to drop things of the world. However, we taught well and should see progress - also, Sabbath Day and Chastity. 

Sobre todo, the last lesson was the best/most notable. Adr. He came out with his LdM and tried to drop us, saying he just isn't able to keep the commandments. We convinced him to let us in. We asked a few Qs and opened him up a bit. One of the most tender moments of my mission - as this man told us about his life, how he's lonely and looking for company and often asks himself why he's even still trying, and as the tears welled up in his eyes, I was FILLED with love. I don't know how to describe it. I keep saying to E MiƱo, "What a great, yet confused little man." I just wanted to hug him. 

We taught him a little about eternal families, read the Family Proclamation, and more than anything just told him we love him and are gonna help him! We ended with a prayer and I just got up and hugged him. 

What frustrates me most about this world is that the majority of people, when faced with some sort of enemy or opposition, just throw in the towel. It's just eeeaassssyyyyyy (Coach Magpiong voice). When the going gets tough, the tough (should) get going. Unfortunately, so many people just don't have faith in themselves, and instead of bearing down, they just wanna lay down and quit. Remember, who we are is not who we have the potential to become!!

Don't give up, believe in yourselves!!! Never back down, don't throw in the towel. I'll be at your side, because I KNOW that we can overcome anything.


Elder Blake (Isaac) - 
SHOUTOUT Elder 52 in the DR and to Noah with football going on. Remember to work hard and don't worry about not getting everything at first or being in pain. The pain in temporary. You have great coaches. Don't take things personally though - all football coaches yell. Just believe in yourself. Way to take 8R - it's killer. Don't feel bad if you want to drop it.                                                                             

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