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Elder Isaac Blake
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Monday, September 22, 2014

Hey fam,

Haven't read the letters yet but I'm super pumped for you Brig!! Kill it in the CCM and enjoy being immersed in the beautiful language of Spanish!

As for another brotherly shout out - NOAH!! Dude, I'm so pumped for you that you're playing football. Big thanks to Liam Sullivan for looking out for my boy. Stay strong mentally and physically - it's definitely not easy to balance, but it's WELL worth it! I'm praying for you, that you'll stay healthy and have fun. What number are you?

Dad, I love that speech, His Grace...  You sent it on a USB and I often listen to it in the AM working out.

Anyways, on toi this week. We're really starting to take off here in Alberdi - I'm staying in the present, but am conscious of the fact that I probably only have 4 weeks left on my ticket here in Jujuy. Trying to finish really strong, helping my investigators and converts keep progressing and get the ward involved and excited. We're both amped for the coming weeks - got a lot of potential in our investigator pool and more escogidos (sorry, there just isn't a good translation, something like elect...) are coming out of the woodwork!

Highlights of this week - 

Our boy Adr. didn't make much progress - his words: "Doesn't agree with being baptized." However, we had a dope lesson on Faith and he committed to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy - he beat us to Church which makes it 4 Sundays in a row he's made it there. Frickin love him and the 3 different times this week when he texted us saying he doesn't agree with being baptized, I called him, sorted him out, and told him we love him. 

J C, 16, is another brother that is close to baptism! He started working 24/7, but last Sunday we committed him to keep the Sabbath Holy and come to Church. Didn't hear from him all week, but we showed up Sunday AM and he came with us to Church!!

Another absolute OG is Mart. - he came to the Talent Show on Friday, and Saturday to L's baptism, and after, hahahhaha, he went on splits with E Mino and our golden convert Ldro. I stayed at church and played the piano for the Priesthood Choir. Sunday, he went to Church solo and is making friends with quite a few members.

3 Miracles in church yesterday! We met this kid, 16 or so in the street on Sat. Didn't seem very interested, but he said he'd go to church if we walked together. Swapped numbers. Sun, we stopped by, but his gma said he was asleep - we're thinking, 'classic teenage contact.' Well, 20 mins later, he texts us - 'hey,where are you?' We coordinated, and went back, and he walked out chill and just came to church. YEAH! It was kinda uncomfortable, especially because just about the hardest thing for 16 year olds to do is fellowship and include a new kid at church. However, he's wicked cool and we're gonna teach him today.

Also, MILAGROS AND CELESTE CAME TO CHURCH. They're the little sisters of Leandro, and have strong testimonies of the LdM etc, but have to go to CCE and Mass at the same time that we have Church. They really can't miss supposedly. Well, we got to Church (during the week, we taught them 2wice, but pathetically didn't even invite them to Church, being men of little faith) and the first person I see - MILAGROS! (hey, quiz, do you know what Milagros means in English?) Well, that's what it was. Turns out they changed her schedule to Sunday afternoon!!! Yeah!!! 
IF all goes well, Leandro will be able to baptize her in 2 weeks or so. 

Bueno, as you'll see in the pics, we had a baptism! Lj. V. is 10, and basically a member (her mom is inactive, grandparents are technically active but kinda different). She wanted to get baptized, but nobody was sure if her Dad (who lives in BA or Formosa) was gonna come visit anytime soon and baptize her. Well, Wed, we just asked her mom what the deal was and El. says - let's just have her baptism now. Uhh, sounds good!! Good service, only hiccup being that her Gpa had to dunk her 3 times because he forgot the prayer. Poor girl was freezing cold but an abso trooper.

Anyways, time to get out of here. I absolutely LOVE this work. I make a lot of mistakes, but I can feel at times the pure joy that comes from a consecrated, righteous, selfless service in the Vineyard.

Go Raiders!

Elder Isaac Blake
2 pics of our ward talent show performance - me on the piano and a trio of elders!! Really ugly performance, but hey, whatre you gonna do?

Had a baptism!!


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