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Elder Isaac Blake
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Monday, September 8, 2014


It’s been a great week and a great end of this transfer. You never know, but all good – I’m staying here wth my hijo. I was really scared, just because they’re SO many people here who I LOVE so much. Also, I’ve worked hard to arm our pool – now it’s time to help them get baptized.

As for ther news, Elder Ramirez, my papi, is here in Jujuy!! He’s our new ZL. Soooo pumped to see him and work with him before he heads home in Dec. Love him.

Also, SHOUT OUT  my main man 52 – last 2 days as a civilian – pretty surreal. You’re gonna love it and kill it. My biggest parting advice is this – take your setting apart seriously – once you're a missionary, even if you don't have the badge yet, you’re a missionary. Think about the implcations of such a setting apart. Start your journal now, and record the blessing you get from P. Rollins on Dads phone or something. CHERISH these 2 years – it goes by WAY too fast. DISFRUTELO!!!

This week was dope. Our boy Ldro. who got baptized 2 weeks ago is literally the biggest light I’ve ever seen. Let your light so shine before the world!!!  He taught with us almost every lesson this week and left with the other missionaries the other days. He loves preaching. OH MAN its incredible – when he's not with us,  he’s teaching his family or a group of his MANY friends. Wow. Wow. Last night, he sent us a text at 1 am in response to me saying ¨¨where you at¨ saying basically this ¨Elders, I just got home, sorry, I was teaching the gospel and oh YEA I found 2 people that want to get baptized. Come over tomorrow to meet them. Good night¨

What he does is literally anyone with ears that he knows, he teaches them the Restoration or the PoS. He makes his friends (who dont take him seriously at first) kneel down and pray and ASK God if he teaches the truth. His buddies all end up with tears in their eyes.

This kid Leandro is a miracle. He was in a coma 2 years ago becuase he got jumped and stabbed. He was LOST in the world of sex, drugs, and alcohol. I don’t know where he’d be in life if we hadn’t contacted him that Sunday in the end of Ju-ly. We’re fighting to send him to the Temple in 2 weeks. This kid can change the world.

Speakin of that, on Sat night, we left his house aftr a lesson. His bro Kv. (20) was drunk and with all his friends, and started heckling a bit. He calls me Elder Black and Elder Miño is Elder White (´they say wit´). Love it. Anyways, we invited them to Church, and they said they'd go. Didn’t think much of it. Well, Sun we roll in at 9:05 and Kevin and 2 friends are there in the frickin Priesthood class. He says to me, straight face, ´you’re late.´ WOW. What a BOSS.

He loved it, and we’re gonna start teaching them all – help them excape. The big problem is that a lot of his friends and brothers are unmarried but living with families.

As you’ll see in the pics, we did some service this week. Kept digging a well for a member and then as a ward we cleaned up a park that has a ton of trash in it.

We found another great soul last week – Isabel is about 60. She’s had a LdM for like 20 years, but lost contact with the missionaries. We invited her to pray about the Libro. She said the prayer – really sincere, then waited for an answer. We waited too, like 6 minutes...

Turns out she felt a very calm peace come over her. She felt so good and comfortable...

...that she fell asleep...

Hahaa loved it. She then woke up and started to cry. She said she felt distinct. We invited her to be baptized and she’s all systems go for the 27th. Made it to Church alone for the 2nd time. She’s a sweetheart.

Today is our boy Ad’s birthday – the bosshog turns 48 (I way overestimated). Oh yeah, it turns out Flor. is only 19(!!!!). What! Oh yea, we finally got to sit dwn with her again – turns out her ex boyfriend hit her and knocked her out and then kidnapped Per. He ended up leaving her with her Gma because she was crying soo much. The police took Flor in to custody (who knows why) and she’s been running all over the place ever since trying to work things out. A Judge intervnend and claims that Flor mistreated Perla or something – for now she can't see her mother. We’re praying a ton for them.

Something similar happened with Hyd. and her kids – they discovered that her 3 youngest were abused in their old school. She’s going thru Hell right now. Impossible to meet with them for now, but she wants to get baptized.

Over everything, I know the Gospel has been restored and can change lives. It will take us home again if we live it. The toughest thing for people is to take that leap of faith and trust that the Gospel can save them.

Brig, be good, stay strong, and work hard!!
Noah, keep fighting in the gridiron – pain is temporary!

Go Raiders,

Elder Blake

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