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Monday, February 2, 2015

Keep Pressing On

Fam and friends,
Had a pretty solid, standard week. We had zone meetings on Tuesday, did service on Wed, splits with another area Thurs and Friday. Our pool of investigators is somewhat stagnant, but expanding and moving along.
ahahhaha I'm in the middle of reading your letters as I write this and I can't help but acknowledge that the Pats won the Superbowl. I was trying to get refocused for the week to come but I guess that'll have to wait a bit... As Chris Sarni always says, "Goooo Pattttssssss." Not gonna lie, I kinda fist pumped here in the church where we're writing.
Back to the letter - Mom, don't worry about the music - my comps have hooked me up good and I'm all set for the last stretch. A lot of MoTab, piano hymns, and modern versions of our favorite hymns. While we're at it, I'd like to request that if you're gonna send a package (and this goes for EVERYONE), please ask me first. It's really expensive to pick them up here... I'm good with matieral goods for now. Thank you all though.
Mom, to answer your Q from a few weeks back - it's not looking like I'll be having the opportunity to train again. You never know and I'd totally do it if the Lord called me to, but with 4 transfers left it's just not looking too likely. There are a lot of Zone Leaders heading home in 3 weeks and that will leave me one of the more experienced leaders in the mission (funny because I've hardly had much experience).
This week, I've been able to strengthen my relationship with Elder Edwards a ton. We had a rough day Tuesday but we talked it out at night and that made all the difference. Like Elder Zwick said last Apr - "What do you think?" Or maybe in Eng it's "what are you thinking?" I love using this question with everyone - helps clear up a lot of confusion and really strengthen bonds. We spent the rest of the week conversing, laughing, bonding.
Apart from that, I've been trying to buckle down and live the Word of Wisdom better, including early to bed early to rise like it says in DyC 88:124. It's really tough here in ARG because every doggone meal features chicken or meat, but I'm trying to eat it sparingly. Trying to eat less in general, sleep on time and eliminate the 15 power naps that we're technically allowed to take if necessary, but have become not so necessary. I studied a chapter in the Teachings of Brigham Young on self control and love it! I'm out of time to include quotes, but I think it's chap 24 or something like that for those interested! Saturday Luis is getting baptized - let the work march on!
Elder Blake

Me and my boy Luis  

Our outside door doesnt work so I have to hop the fence every day!

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