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Monday, January 26, 2015

Open your mouth!

Hey fam and friends,
We set my personal record this week for contacts, shattering the previous week. My mouth was literally dry at the end of the week from so much talking (and a LOT of Santiago sun.) It's really fun to talk with everyone, meet them, hear their stories (and their excuses, not so fun) or their straight up rejections. We are finding a TON of people to teach.

I'd like to highlight a few conversion stories!
Maria Victoria Camacho Paz is a 9 year old girl, the daughter of Miriam, a woman who has reactivated herself in the last 2 months! I had the priviledge of baptizing her on Sat! She is golden - says she loves going to church every Sunday and if it were up to her, she'd never miss. ALso, she plans on serving a mission in 10 years.
Fabiana More, who I've mentioned, is really one of the most converted people I've ever taught. She spends her day reading the scriptures and is really starting to find a ton of comfort and solace in them. SHe's a warrior, and has had a really hard life, especially with her ex husband etc. When I got here, she was honestly full of pure anger, and for a few weeks each "lesson" was us listening, almost like a therapy session. ALl of the sudden when we finally were able to visit her with a few different members, she's changed completely. She tells us that every day, she feels more and more like getting baptized. We're hoping she'll have the faith to take that step soon!
Last Sat, we visited an older woman who's been inactive for a while - shared a powerful message on the Atonement. She came to church the next day and invited us over for lunch whenever we wanted. Well Saturday, she made us asado (the best lunch there is) and bonus, her husband was there! He's like 80 and is struggling healthwise, which kinda discourages her and is the reason she went inactive. Out of nowhere, Hugo, husband, breaks down crying because he misses his deceased family members. We testified of the Atonement and resurrection, and invited him to be baptized. Luisa tells us that missionaries have insisted with him for 20 years to no avail. He immediately said yes, and they went to church together yesterday.
I can't describe the happiness I can see in their eyes. It fills my heart with joy. I LOVE this work and this Gospel, and I know it's true. There is not a single doubt in my mind.
Love, Elder Blake
PS- Brig - keep your mind on your mission, 100 percent!!
SERVICE - I went a little hardo with the machete, but the tree didn't live to tell anyone

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