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Monday, May 19, 2014

News from Oran

Hey Fam,
Pretty good week. I'll work backwards. Yesterday, I gave a 15 min talk in Church (found out Sat.) and also taught Gospel Principles (found out 5 mins before the class started). Both were in Spanish (just to clear things up if Brigham thought his assignments were burdensome or fastidous). In the MTC, I learned the meaning of one of my favorite scrips, DyC 6:36 - "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear." Preparation is the key. I felt pretty prepared for my talk, in which I discussed how faith and repentance, gospel principles we often overlook, are the key for overcoming the natural man that tries to undercut our effectiveness as disciples of Christ (get off our butts and put our shoulder to the wheel aka stop making excuses). I think a lot about the excuses I hear others make, and how I can avoid making them. I decided I'd better not quote Coach Davis in Sacrament Meeting, but I imagine you might appreciate one of my favorite quotes: "Excuses are like buttholes; everyone has them, and they all STINK." (Please excuse my language).
Let's all put in the due preparation and strive to be better people.
On Sat, we had a great baptism. 22 year-old Daniel. He's good friends of a recently returned missionary, Dante. Dante invited him to church a few months back, and Daniel had been looking all over for the truth. He found it. For me, the highlight was seeing Dante and Danny hug in the font, right after Danny was baptized. The baptisms I've had the priveledge of seeing always put a big smile on my face.
As for the rest of the week, I learned some valuable lessons about obedience and the value of our time. I'm still learning, and striving to overcome the natural man in me. I know without a doubt that, like Elder Ainge said a few weeks back, the key to success is obedience and diligence. I revel and struggle in living another favorite quote from Elder Bednar (paraphrased), "What we know isn´t always reflected in what we do."
As for some tidbits to finish up - Feliz cumpleaƱos Dad and Brigham! I'll be thinking of you Friday and Saturday. Live it up.
We're working on tracking Antonio's sister down - she lives only about 10 mins from our apt, but in the area of the sisters in the other Branch. Trying to carve some time out to visit her.
Mom - send lots of pics, for there is a great place to print pics here in our neighborhood. Also, my address is:
B` San Martin
C` Arenales 934
I'd research how to format the rest, but we live in the Ciudad de Oran, Provincia Salta.
Send me a test or two.
Love you all a ton. Live the Gospel, and don't forget the little things! OLA (read, pray, go to church).
Love, Elder Blake

3rd pic is Elder Mahowsky, from Chile. He's in his 2nd transfer, an lives in the apt. The definition of BOSS. Brigham, you'd love him.

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