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Elder Isaac Blake
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Monday, June 2, 2014

May 26, 2014

Hey fam,
1st of all, just wanna let ya'll know how blessed I feel to be able to communicate with you all this week, to see some pics, read your words, and feel your love. We are very blessed.
This week was full of miracles, and I would like to recount a few. I am very inspired by the movie 17 Miracles, which we got to see in a "Branch Home Evening" last night. It shook me, and I left feeling, more than anything, humbly grateful. I would recommend it to ALL who read this.
We met a family my first day here, 3 weeks ago, that is really good. We committed them to come to church, but for 2 weeks that made excuses and never showed up. It's been tough to find them at home, but we caught Viviana and Graciela, the mother and a daughter about 18, Wednesday or so. We've seen them as not so steady, but with a lot of potential. We committed them again, and Gr. said firmly, "Yes, I'm going. Not sure about them, but I'll be there." Mom, not so firm. Anyways, I honestly didn't think much of it. So many people say whatever thing they think we want to hear, and very few come thru. Well, Sunday at District Conf (like Stake Conf), we saw her there, in the 3rd row or so, already sitting with a member fam. She has one side of her head shaved with stars in it, and this kinda style makes most 18 year old girls way too shy to show up to a wierd new church on their own. I gained a lot of respect for her, and think it shows a lot about her desire to change.
My Desk
The parents of a 12 year old recent convert are opening up. Cl. has plenty of problems with alcohol and other women, but Ro. says he's seen a lot of progress in these months. According to him, Friday night was a huge breakthru, in which we invited him to sit down a few minutes at his moms house and listen to a scripture and prayer. He's always refused, but he stayed. He's thinking a lot about the things he wants to change, even if he doesn't show it.
Finally, another dude C., who we finally grabbed, gave a great prayer in a lesson and showed a lot of humility, something not so common these days. He said he's gonna start using his few vacation days to get off work to come to Church. He prayed for strength to give up drinking, smoking, and coca (kinda like dip), and I felt the Spirit strongly.

With reference to my subject, hahaha the weather has actually gotten pretty cold these last few days. It's nothing you all would get bundled up for, but we're not used to it (I haven't had a cold day in over 13 months). Whipped out a dope peacoat I bought at an american fair (J. Crew for 80 pesos). With the drop in temperature, we're all (the apt, us 4) going through various degrees of cold and flu symptoms. Nothing to fret about, just the little molestias of life.
(L to R) Elders Rosano, Mahowski (bosshog), and Blake. Happy Birthday Robin, this was for you

I know the Church is true. Prayers are answered. I can't describe how grateful I feel to wear the name of Jesus Christ on my chest, next to my own name. I can't comprehend His suffering, all for us. I owe Him everything, and I hope to some how return at least a bit by way of a life dedicated to service, Christlike service.

Love you all,

Elder Blake

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