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Monday, May 5, 2014

Amazing Answer to Prayer


I've got about 30 mins to write you here. Forgive the locura, the craziness. I've got so much to tell. I'm uploading a ton of pics. Here goes. 

So in the afternoon last Monday, we got the tragic news that a 9year old girl in the ward was hit by a car and killed. The next day, we had her funeral service. She and her family were baptized last year, and are the epitome of humble. I sent a handwritten letter with Elder Durrant, my dl (district leader) that dies today (that means it's his last day on the mission), that should get to you in a week or two.  It has all the details and my fresh thoughts.  Share what you find appropriate. 

Details: we will be calling by skype around 3:30 Salta time, which means you'll have to miss Sacrament Meeting I think, if that's ok. I'll send the call and we'll have 40 mins. 

Alright, so this week in prep for my potential departure, we've been forewarning some dear friends. Antonio hasn't been doing too well lately, he got kicked out of his sisters house and he's really struggling with his vice. We met with him Tuesday and Saturday. We never know where we're going, so we told him it could be anywhere. He's from Oran, a smaller city 4 hours north of Limache/Salta capital. We told him it was a slim possibility. Obviously, we were just planning for me to leave too. Well, like the dope dude he is, he gets to praying that I'll go to Oran. 

Had a great exp Saturday convincing Rom. Cor. to go thru with her baptism. She's kinda shy and told us she wanted to push it back. With great help from the Spirit, we saw her overcome her fears and decide to do it. Like MLK said, "you are the channel, not the source." I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost, and the service was great. 

Sunday after her confirmation, we got news from our WML (Ward Mission Leader) that both of us were getting shipped out of Limache. He thought we knew, and he'd received a tip from Pres. We thought he was maybe joking, but he showed us a text from Pres. We then got a call a few hours later from the ZLs (zone leaders) around 4pm, giving us extra time to pack and clean. "Elders, we're sending Sisters to take over Limache. Elder H is going to Tucuman, and Elder Blake............"


"Are you kidding?"

Man. We get to Antonio´s and don't say anything, just ask him to say the prayer. He says something like "Lord, bless my friend to go to Oran. I beg you, and call upon your most high grace. Amen"

I say, "Antonio, I'm going to Oran"

Man. God answers humble prayers. He cried and cried, because of the uncertainty, more than anything because he's losing us both. I've got his address and will be on the lookout here in Oran.

Julia here:  just so you can get an idea of the significance of this, there are probably between 40 and 50 areas Isaac could have been sent.  The odds of him going to Oran were that slim.

The afternoon was crazy bittersweet. I LOVE Limache. I'm gonna miss the people sooooo much, especially Ald. and Ga.. We had a great time with them and the Fl., a rock of a fam, then ended with Cor.. It's been an incredible 7 months there, and I've learned sooo much. I gave thanks to our HF (Heavenly Father) for 15 mins last night.

Hahaha we cleaned like crazy last night till 2 am, got up at 6 and left for the terminal. Ald´s Dad gave us a lift in a really old 5 seater. We had our 4 suitcases, and hahahah man the trunk didn't close. Ald´s dad put mine on top of Herms' and just said "I'm gonna drive really slow so it doesn't fall." No belt or anything to tie it down. I prayed the whole ride, and everything was great. 

The new apt is dope. My comp is Elder Rosano from Uruguay. He has 3 months left, so it looks like I'm gonna kill him (be his last companion). He's great; really upbeat and positive. You'll get the lowdown Sunday

I know the Church is true, that God lives and loves, and that the Book of Mormon is true. I love you all so much. Amidst the Fridays, Sunday will come.

Love, Elder Blake

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