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Monday, December 2, 2013

Dec 2, 2013

I've got a million thoughts/feelings flying around in my head. This has easily been the hardest week to read letters and not really miss home. The first time I've been homesick this whole time. Please don't worry about me though. It seems like quite a few have the perception that I'm really down sometimes. It's impossible to not be incredibly grateful despite the roller coaster ups and downs. I'll try my best to say everything I mean, but trust that in the work of the Lord, it's impossible to feel sad. Disappointment becomes motivation and trunkiness becomes firewood that fuels the fire that burns in my heart.
Simply a shoutout to my boys in Black. Can't put my satisfaction and jubilation into words. I love all you guys. Finally...
Sounds like Thanksgiving was a blast and much needed. In case there is any doubt, Thanksgiving doesnt exist here. I said a prayer at 1 PM (kickoff time in Wellesley), but basically forgot about it until an hour ago. However, you know how much I love the minute details... rocked the dope Raiders socks Thurs in lieu of the standard all black.

This week, the numbers were even lower. We worked HARD. It stinks to finish a week of getting after it with less than what's expected. However, 1 week is nothing in the grand scheme of things and I learned a TON that I will be able to improve. Apparently Limache is one of the hardest if not the numero uno area in the mision. While this is no excuse, all signs point to an explosion at some point. My first transfer (3 baptisms in 6 weeks) was the best Limaches has had in years. Apparently the elders 2 years ago who baptized 9 in 6 months got invited to have dinner with Pres.

I'll share one of the most incredible, yet simple experiences I've ever had before I get onto the boring stuff. Saturday at 9 PM (30 mins left), we were walking along the route 9 of Limache. We were heading for a woman who we've talked with and is super bueno, hoping to teach her for the first time. Exactly as we crossed this ditch thing separating the two routes, I had the distinct impression that we should stop by Victoria's apt. I've heard all my life about "the still, small voice," but I truly had never felt it until this moment. It wasn't a voice nor anything seen. Simply a feeling, not a thought. Everyday I think thoughts about where we should go or who I should talk to, but I always feel like it's just me procuring the idea myself. This time was different. 

We arrived at her house and clapped the door. Out she walks, and she's not doing too good. She had come down with this weird infirmity and we had the opportunity to give her a blessing. As she left, she said something like "How lucky!" or "What timing!"

I had been fasting since 2 PM with the sole purpose of receiving the Espiritu mas. After a particularly horrible Thurs, we decided that we're working hard, but largely without the Spirit. What an answer to prayer and fasting. Truly a life and testimony changing experience. 

I testify to all that God lives, and that His Spirit, the Holy Ghost, exists. He is available to all and I literally hunger to be guided more. 


Tons of random Qs
Dad: 2 Hermanas are both gringas. Taller one died (that means finished her mission and went home) 3 weeks ago
Not sure what the address is but we hand out cards that say Barrio Inter Sindical, Salta, Calle Territorio Misiones y Cronicas. We live in Blok 37 in Limache
No idea how Xmas will be. Planning on Skype but we'll figure it out soon. 

The ward is awesome. Every fast sunday the primary practially lines up to bear their simple testimonies. I'm starting to really love the people here.

District is me and Elder Ramirez, Elder Durrant (Idaho) and Elder Alvarez (Honduras), and 2 gringas. Us 4 live together and Elder Alvarez gets on my nerves.

Me and Elder Ramirez get along swell. I can't complain (literally not aloud) hahaha no but actually he's great.

Fellowshipping is great. CR/MAs were the only category we reached the floor in. Emmanuel, our most recent, is a boss. We're working thru his problems (tough life) but I can see his bright future. We're working to baptize his 12 year old cousin (harder life), but most of the time he wants nothing. Please pray for them specifically, as well as Anabel, who we'll baptize this week. Carlos Espinosa, who was practically gold, broke up with us 5 days before his baptism because his wife wears the pants.

Mom - Alma 41:6-7 reminded me of you, and I've had the opportunity to share it with a few menos activos and investigators, telling them about you. It has blessed lives and I know it will with you too.

Every day is different and its starting to fly. I'm grateful for the everygrowing foundation I've been blessed with that anchors me in times of good and bad. 

Love you all

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