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Elder Isaac Blake
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Friday, December 13, 2013

Guest Post excerpt from Elder Ainge's weekly letter

"I have been studying a good amount this week about humility and just how important it is to be humble. I love the part in Alma 32 talking about humility. It is when Alma is teaching the poor people who have been kicked out of their churches, their synagogues because they don't have enough money or good enough clothing to wear. They come to Alma because they don't know how to worship God because they have nowhere to go. Alma then goes on to teach them that worshiping God isn't in the church only. You can worship God every day of the week. In every moment. At all times. He says to them that they are blessed because their poverty has made them humble. And he says they are blessed because people who are humble, look to repent and people who repent will receive mercy. and people who receive mercy and endure to the end will be saved. So, if we are compelled to be humble, that means we need to repent of our past mistakes. If we truly repent, which means if we choose to leave behind the past mistakes and truly change and have a desire to follow Christ, we will receive forgiveness. always. I love that promise. He will always forgive us when we truly repent. No matter what we have done, or how long we have been doing it, if we just decide to leave it behind and move forward and choose to do what's right and follow Christ, he will ALWAYS forgive us. Because He loves us. I love what was said by President Monson.. something like Gods love is always there for us, whether we deserve it or not... We are all imperfect and all commit errors. But God always loves us and always will forgive us if we choose to learn from our mistakes and change. It takes lots of humility to accept that sometimes. I also love what Alma says to them. Blessed are they who humble themselves without being compelled to be humble. Lots of us have everything we need, temporally, and so we won't be compelled to be humble because of our exceeding poverty, but guess what if we just choose to be humble we will be even more blessed. It takes humility to accept our faults and accept to change. accept to admit that we aren't the best we can be. To be teachable and want to get better every day. Ask yourself at night before you go to bed, ¨Am I a better person today than I was yesterday?¨ And if not, repent and commit to be better the next day. That has helped me and motivated me to become a better person every day by trying to follow Jesus Christ. By trying to become more like Him in every moment. I have to repent every day. sometimes more than once a day. I'm not perfect and never will be. But i know that I'm a better person right now than I was yesterday and that's all that matters.

Love you all. Christmas is coming up, where we celebrate Christ. No better time to decide to follow Him :)"
Elder Ainge
(posted with permission from his mom :))

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