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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 25, 2013

Salutations fam and friends

wow this keyboard stinks. excuse all errors

bueno I'll start with logistics:

abso no snacks to carry - nuts etc. are super expensive. I eat mad fresh fruit tho tha makes me trunky for Gpa Bringhurst's garden. Garden stands n every corner hook me up good and cheap.

Dad - not sure if you still have a red sox 04 WS shirt but I'd love if you could hold onto it if so.

Brig/Mom - could you beg Coach D for my white 40 jersey (the old ones now I guess). That would mean the world

I'm still not getting Coop or Nate's emails

Oh yeah, please send pics of the Thanksgiving game - 52 keep your head up and be a leader!

ALso for all, I can only view photos in .jpg

sports updates are perfect, Dad


Great to hear from ya'll this week!! Had kinda a tough week numbers wise but there's plenty of silver linings. A couple of pretty sure baptisms rejected us but our 2 for the next two weeks came to church and brought their families. One single mom made it thanks to the Spanish persuasion skills of ya boy (Went on splits with a member and I didn't really understand her - just said "bueno, vamonos"). Carlos Espinosa's lined up for Sat and his wife who we just met a few weeks down the road. The other is Anabel. Pray for them.

Random tidbits: Gratitude (s.o. Mrs. Pich). About the closest I could describe the rivalry between the Mormons and the Jehovah's Witnesses here would be Wellesley-Needham. Not even close to good old Turkey Day but I take what I can get. Anyways, despite this rivalry, a TJ woman shared a facebook quote with us: "What if you only had tomorrow what you thanked God for today?" Let's just say I've been praying a little longer these last few nights. 

I recently found a sick scrip that I carry around on my agenda now: Alma 37:16. It captures everything we need to be successful - obedience to the commandments, action based on them, PRAYER = "no power of earth or hell can take them from you."

Whatever's on your plate, I dare you to try this out. Forget your preconceptions surrounding religion. I promise success. 

Concerning CR/MAs (less actives etc in Spanish) - in fact, your wisdom Mom is something I've been thinking lately. It is in reality tough to focus on them b/c almost all the numbers focus on baptisms. However, we're doing it anyway. I've seen a number of families return to church these past 7 weeks, and I can tell you the future is bright. Every soul is precious!

S/o Noah - Bro, I periodically think about you and how much of a boss you are. I know we didn't have the greatest relationship, but I love you and really know you have GREAT things in store for you. You remind me a lot of myself, and I LOVE hearing about your triumphs. S/o to Keir too. 

Don't have much else to share - trying (and improving) on keeping "an eye single to the glory of God" and the work improves too. Estoy rey contento.  


Elder Blake

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