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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Finish the Race Running!!

Hahaha well I've still got a good way to go before the finish line, but this title is pounding in my head. E' Rodriguez and I are on fire this week - we've done splits with different members 3 of the last five days and are literally setting the streets on fire. We're contacting everyone and teaching the members to open their mouths too. Life is great when you've got a lot of work to do.

We're also getting up earlier to get after it on the exercise front, which is giving me some added energy. 

Highlights of the week: the Chuychuy family (see pics)

June 27 they got baptized, and I think it was perhaps the best baptismal service I've had so far on my mission. The members came thru with good talks and decorations and of course food. Daniel gave the closing prayer and killed it.
We've had lunch with them, and had a few lessons as well, and they're progressing really really well. I think the absolute best part was last Sunday (sounds like both Elder Blakes had great fast and testimony meetings). In the middle of the meeting, Gabriela followed by Daniel got up and bore their testimonies in front of all. The best part being that no one else told them or pressured them. They were both really sincere and I had an ear to ear grin on my face. 
Then a few days ago when we vistited them, Daniel said the closing prayer and said something like, "Thanks for the visit of the brethren, which is very necessary... And we ask thee to help us continue to prepare to enter the temple worthily"... I was (am) in heaven. 

I'm so happy to hear about Brigham's successes in his ministry, and share one of my favorite scriptures : Alma 30:34

One other highlight of the week was a simple contact I did in a taxi - I'll have to tell the story in person to do it justice, but the recap: There's a taxi driver than often drives us and has a big mouth. He knows we're missionaries and live strict standards, so he likes to swear and joke around about going to bars or clubs, and always asked when we're gonna go with him. Hahaha well, I wasn't gonna have it this time, and I just said, "Man, why do you talk like that?" He said he's happy like that, and that we should live a little, and I proceeded to tell him what I think (and believe and know) strongly is true happiness: family, friends, and preparing to meet God. In about a 15 minutes trip, and pulled out all the stops and could see the Spirit touching a hard heart. By the end, he sincerely accepted a Book of Mormon and Mosiah 3. It was one of the most rewarding experiences in a long time, being a vessel for the Spirit to touch someone else who (whether he thinks so or not) is looking for more meaning and satisfaction in life. I'm excited to keep speaking and teaching and inviting out of love in the world that awaits me for the rest of my life. 

Love you all - find ways to pick up the pace and keep running!

Elder Blake

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Chuychuy Baptism

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