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Thursday, May 21, 2015

RIP Sequoia? Herding the Sheep

Hey fam and friends,

It's been a good, standard week. Got to spend the majority of my time here in good ole Mitre working with Elder Tello. Getting after it, hunting the elect (our investigator pool is shallow, but progressing well).

1st - Updates on our pool: Daniel and Gabriela Chuychuy are progressing very very well! We whipped out the Word of Wisdom and Tithing this week. Both times, we left them with the pamphlet to study, and both times we got there and they had read and comprehended and were in agreement! Hahahah they actually taught us the Law of Tithing better than we could have taught it to them :) - so now, we're just waiting on the details of their marriage, which they're sorting out, and we'll be seeing a great new family enter into the path of eternal life!

Our other investigator is Tamara, the younger sister of a young woman who is getting active again, Camila. We're having trouble reading Tamara - she's shy and still hasn't made it to Church yet with Camila. We'll see how things go. 

So the highlight of this week was repentance! On Tuesday in our leadership council, I gave a training bit on rescuing the lost sheep with a South America South area initiative to strengthen the wards and hasten the work. I felt like I didn't prepare as well as I should have, and it didn't shake out as well as I wanted. I felt throughout the whole council that I had a lot of things I need to change in terms of balancing out the work - building up the Kingdom through baptism, rescuing, and retention. It was a great catalyst to change some things I've (not) been doing. 

What a blessing it was then, to be able to return to the land of my inheritance, aka Limache, the following day. I began my mission there, and spent a long yet eternally satisfying 7 months there. Well, I took advantage to go back and try and be a better Triple-Crown missionary. I planned our day consulting old planners and we ended up finding a few new people, one of whom is a legit elect who accepted a baptismal date. He went to church with his mom 3 years ago (she was a member), but fell away when she died. He never got baptized. We opened our mouths and did a ton of contacts.

The best part, however, was visiting 5 families - 4 convert families and 1 woman that I helped reactivate. Cesar Miguel Palma, then Victoria Gonzalez, followed by Maria Salvatierra, the familie Correa, and finally Aldana and Gabi Yapura. 

The visit was awesome and I felt the Spirit strongly as I tried to testify of the blessings of enduring to the end despite the opposition. The best was with Aldana and Gabi, who kept firm and strong the 1st 6 months after I left, but who have since fallen away. It was a sweet reunion, but I wasted no time to get to the problem. We read Alma 36:12-25 and discussed repentance, and I asked if they believe that the Libro de Mormon is the word of God. Gabi said yes, Aldana said she likes parts but isn't sure of it. I shared a really powerful experience that helped me obtain a testimony of said book. }

I've dedicated a lot of study time to the Atonement, and I'm trying to figure out just how Aldana can apply it in her life to find healing and forget the past. Haven't reached any concrete answer other than the Bishop needs to play a huge role. Well, we set up interviews with him that just perfectly coincided with the temple dedication recommend for the new temple in Cordoba! So now they'll be getting to participate and hopefully can keep working with the Bishop and the members to make the transition back to the straight and narrow. 

Dad - any advice on how to help Aldana?

I know this Gospel is the path to happiness. Let us all press on!!!

Don't let go, don't ever give up! The Church is true, the Book of Mormon too. 

We can all be more obedient and thus be brighter lights for those around us!

Elder Isaac Blake

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