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Monday, October 20, 2014

Heading to Parque Guillermina, Tucuman

Hey fam and friends,

Yesterday was Mother's Day here in Argentina! Happy day mom, I love you a lot. I threw you a shout - out in my testimony yesterday. I killed the hymns, including a final rendition of "Para siempre Dios este con vos - God be with you." More than anything it was for Elder Villanueva who ends his mission today, but we could also sense that perhaps I'd get transferred. And it came to pass...

I'm about to head to the bus terminal to catch a double decker to... Parque Guillermina, Tucuman. I'll be working with Elder Philpot from Arizona (about 6 months in the mission). I'm pumped! Tucuman is supposedly a crazy province with a lot of theives, motos loaded with families of 6, and a lot of humid heat. I doubt it's as bad as the DR tho...

Elder Cowan is heading to Salta, the zone where I started. He's gonna have the task of lifting up a battered zone, he and another Elder are whitewashing the previous ZLs. Pumped for him to meet my converts. 

Yesterday, kinda anticipating the transfer, I said goodbye to some people here, mainly the Brajeda family (see pics). Leo was my first convert with Elder MiƱo and without a doubt one of the most converted people I've ever met. He has turned his life around completely, and he says he owes a lot to the fact that Elder Molina and I contacted him in the street 3 months ago. The rest is history! He ran with it and since then, his 2 sisters got baptized, as well as 2 friends that he baptized on Saturday! So yesterday, he made us a cake and we had a good time together, We even went out one last time to teach the Gospel to a neighbor!

Saturday, Maxi and Ramiro got baptized. Love these 2 kids, especially Maxi - he's a boss. Very shy and quiet, but in the month we've known him, he's opened up quite a bit. I'm gonna miss him a lot. Fun side note - he was born on May 24 of 1996! (Brigham's exact birthdate)

Thursday it was freakin hot - they said it reached 42 Celsius (not sure what that is in Fahrenheit), but it felt like 110. The worst part? We forgot to pay the electricity bill and they cut the service in the AM. We ran downtown to reinstate it, but it wasn't till about 5 that they plugged us back in (it stunk because we had weekly planning aka all afternoon in the apt without a fan or cold water). 

To top it off, around 6 it started to drizzle, 6:05 rained a little harder, and by 6:10 - straight up hurricane. It was nuts. The house in front lost the roof - the strong winds just bent the tin right in half. A cool experience as a result - we went and offered that family some help and they had us move some cinder blocks etc. 

Gonna tie things up and head to Tucuman! I'm not sure how I feel right now - I freakin love these people here, but I feel like the Lord really needs me in this area. I've seen many miracles here, as well as passed thru some tough disappointments. For example, yesterday, an investigator in a wheelchair and her inactive partner walked 10 blocks to church for the first time. We've been visiting them for every week of my 4 months, trying to exercise patience together. Bruno got up and bore his testimony - he said, "I think the moment has arrived." I agree. Also one more little thing - my absolute boy Adrian, the investigator that dumped us, came to see me off this morning! It was kinda awkward because he's kinda awkward, but I think he did it out of the love he has for us. We tried our best to be at his side. Regardless of what he chooses to do in terms of living the Gospel and commandments, I'll always love him. 

I feel the same way about y'all - I KNOW that the Gospel is the path and the commandments are the handrail, but I'll always love you all regardless!!!

Be good this week - shoutout to 52 heading into the field today! Bautize conversos, predique sin cesar, y disfrute la mision!!!

Elder Isaac Blake


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