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Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 21, 2014


Had a fantastic week, probably the best one so far here in Jujuy. Highlights would include a few street contacts we did, our zone conference with Pres. Chaparro on Friday, and yesterday - church, studies, and the lessons , everything. 

A little pressed for time and I wanna load a bunch of pics so I'll be brief. 

Don't remember which day, but one day as we were walking home around 9:45, we were walking down a dirt path and decided to stop a talk to this dude. 

His name is Javier. He didn't give us his address because he says his house situation is complicado, but what a dope dude. We did the classic approach - 'we're missionaries from the LDS church. Can we stop by your house and share a message about JC?' He says, 'you know what, I'd like that.' hahah what? Thats insane. I thought he was rejecting us saying - 'i wouldn't like that.' He said he's come to church (didn't :( ) and as we walked away, he thanked us for stopping, because he said he's always wanted to meet missionaries but they always walk right by him. Made me happy. 

Yesterday morning, we went fetching peole to go to church. Everyone fell thru, but we invited a brother of an investigador who got the door. He’s like, ‘yeah wait up a sec, let me change.’ He came! Wow. Incredible. Never happens here.

The conference was sweet too. We did almost an hour of get to know you introductions, then they APs and Pres. and Hna. Chaparro talked about ‘adjustments’ – nothing really new, basically just that were gonna be focusing on ‘building the church’ instead of just baptizing. Love it! Dedicating much more time to rescuing and retention, with a promise that baptisms will come. Love it love it.

Sunday, we met with Noelia after she came to church. She's the next baptism - her little bro (the kid in the pic where im wearing shades) got batized in  May. She's great, but we'll see when she makes the plunge. I don't wanna pressure her - gonna defend the idea of patience with the other missionaries who will certainly pressure her. 

We also had a great lesson with Cristina and Elio - Elio is inactive and Cristina is coming to church every once in a while. We decided to just stop by and it turned out that they had been fighting and trying to work things out. We read THe Family Proclamation together and had a really spiritual lesson. Love this fam, already - watch out for big things from them. 

I have a list of things I wanna recommend to Brig for your mission - things Id change:

-3 pairs of Eccos
-the same Stafford (JCP) shirts I have
- a good quality digital watch
-a ton of ties you'd be willing to gift/trade
-a ton of pics of you and the past etc
-10 sets of garments
-flashdrives with a ton of talks and music (MoTab etc)
-2 copies of just the NT (eng and spa - check the BYU Bookstore)
-Deseret Book leather journals
-Ton of your favorite pencils and pens
-Swiss Army Knife
-Mini Foam roller
-Ton of US coins, 1 dollar bills
-Pepto Bismol tablets
-Tshirts etc from Boston and Wellesley and BYU etc to trade with comps
-BBQ rub
-Sunflower seeds
-A1 sauce

There we are fam. Have a great week. Keep reading the scrips And praying together! 

Love , Elder Blake Isaac

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