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Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 14, 2014


Disappointingly, I'm not here sweating trying to get all of my cool experiences typed and sent in a really crammed 45 mins - apart from the 2 Argentina World Cup (Mundial, in Spanish - literally means 'worldwide'), and a good baptismal service, the week was pretty slow. 

Shout to my cousins, Adam and Logan (glad you liked my excuses quote from Coach Davis), Grandma Bringhurst, Mike Dowling, Tim Superko, and my boy Robin aka Dad for the letters. Made my day. Glad to hear everything is all good in the US of A. 

I'll start with a good list of people that need prayers. It's been pretty tough numbers wise with Elder Molina - we get after it, but I at the end of the week the numbers don't reflect any ounce of our (or at least my) effort. I can't say enough about how much I love Elder Molina - he has me cracking up all day long, and he likes to work - but I must say he's not exactly "anxiously engaged" with only 2 weeks left on his ticket. With this all being said, the area is blessed still. Here is a list of people that have legitimate interests and/or potential to join the Church and become strong followers of Christ (PLEASE, pray for them):

-Noelia - She's gonna be baptized this Friday, but I feel like we may be rushing it - more than anything, she needs to keep staying strong with the embers of a testimony she has
-Mariela and Maxi Farfan
-Fabian and Florencia (the young family we found last saturday - without a doubt the best street contact and perhaps finding experience so far, but we havent seen them in almost a week)
-Silvana and Jonathan
-Cristian and Rocio
-Daniel and Maria

Wow. If we can get some steam pumping, this train will start picking up some speed. Destination: Reino Celestial!!

Also, if you're gonna pray for me, don't pray for Elder Blake. Pray for the family in my area that needs the Gospel desperately, and pray that they might find it despite the many shortcomings of the missionaries.

Friday, Walter (super capo) got baptized. Hahahaha it was hilarious, who hey chose to baptize him. Our district is 6 - we live 4 in our apt, and the DL and his comp live 5 mins away. They came to do his interview, and Elder Gutierrez (comp) was there just chillin. After, I called to ask Walter who hey wanted to baptize him. He thinks and thinks, hesitates, says, "you," hesitates some more, then says, "Elder Gutierrez is gonna baptize me." Hhahaa, given thaty they barely knew eachother, we got a good laugh. 

The service was pretty dead, but we invited 8 freshman aged kids who hopped to fence to play ball in the church into the service. Kinda awkward because they actually accepted, but at the end of the day, hopefully good for them. 

Wednesday was nuts as we listened to the reactions of the neighbors amidst ARG-Netherlands as we studied. Man, the penalty kicks were loco - every 30 seconds an eruption of anger or excitement. When they won, the town went nuts - everyone honking horns and flying flags. Good stuff. 

Yesterday, they didn't let us leave the apt after church. We took advantage of the extra time and grabbed a few fresh water fish and grilled em up on the roof. Wow, oh man, talk about good sty. Made me so pumped to actually catch the fish with the gang, then gut it, scale it, and grill it up ourselves. 13 months boys. 

Unfortunately, the squad fell. I was kinda scared leading up to and just after the game given that I look like a born and bred German - blond hair, blue eyes, tough, brawny build. Hahaha, I think I'd prefer the ´snakes´ the girls that whistle and say suggestive things in the street, about the most mild being, "¡que lindo tus ojos!" to the people that asked me menacingly if I'm German. 

I love you all so much - the emails and letters make me smile. Keep fighting. Good things come to those who wait.

Elder Blake (Isaac)

Enjoy the pics (If they load)

Shoot - next week itll have to be. Just trust that we killed it.

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