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Elder Isaac Blake
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Monday, January 13, 2014

Sounds like we've all had a fantastic week.  I wish I'd known Lin'cs big day was yesterday, but I think even in the absence of that knowledge, I was blessed with the Spirit of his wonderful covenant. Yesterday was one of the best days I've had on the mission. We had 4 first-time investigators in church, all of whom came on their own (NEVER happens here in lazy ARG). We started working at 5, and we visited a less-active sister whom I've been trying to get back to church. I'd had 2 or 3 really spiritual visits with Elder Ramirez, but didn't realize just how big the impact was that I personally had on her. She told me that in the course of the visits, she had looked into my eyes and seen Jesus Christ. She said something about the Spirit I brought "opened a flower in her heart," and after 10 years of inactivity, she's been 3 weeks straight. I say this not to brag, because quite frankly I was dumbfounded, without words. I can only give credit and glory to God and his marvelous, mysterious ways. I had been battling some inner feelings of disappointment/inadequacy stemming more from impatience than anything, and this was really the 1st experience I've had where somebody has been touched to accept the Gospel by means of Elder Blake. I hope to be worthy to touch many more hearts and (re)open the channels of love and animo (not sure the English word) to participate actively.
The rest of Sunday flew, which is the sign of a good day. We went from house to house basically without problem getting in, which always makes me happy. Nobody likes getting the door slammed in their face (that'd be just an expression, because here, the polite ones just yell thru the window "I'm busy, I don't have time." The rest either aren't home or are asleep). Funny side story from that: yesterday in the bus, I started to talk to this old man. It was super crowded and there was no escape (physically)! However, when I segwayed the small talk into the invitation to talk about Jesus, he cut me off and said "No tengo tiempo para escuchar - I don't have time to listen." This obviously is viable if you're at home or walking or doing something, but this crazy old man staring out the window pulled out a too classic excuse. I laughed a bit and accepted that he just wasn't feeling the love. I wanted so badly to be cheeky and say something like "bor, you're riding the bus, doing absolutely nada, you've got time to chat a little." But, I'm trying to be like Jesus, so I didn't.

As for the rest of the week, it rained a little (Mom, we forgot to think about the weather - don't have an umbrella, or raincoat, or quite frankly anything. Not mad though, I laugh. I'm working on acquiring the needed essentials. We found a handful of really quality investigators, with the backdrop of weeks of nobody new progressing. The signs right now with an equally yoked companionship striving to work in the way of the Lord are all pointing to much success and happiness. 

Bueno, I guess I'll answer miscellaneous stuff from letters.

1. Can you send me my priesthood lineage??

2. The next package you send, will you throw in a few usb flash drives? Super expensive here - not urgent, but wanted

3. Brian - thanks for the advice. We're tossing tons of pucks on net!!

4. Brigham - love to see you're getting in the scrips. I'd offer the generalized interpretation that I've learned quite a bit about. Satan has power over the hearts of men. Things like pride, selfishness, complaining, and generally just being narrow-minded, are little traits he loves to plant and grow in our minds and hearts. No one is exempt, but I invite you to search the BoM (ask Gpa Bringhurst too) for the way  in which we can shield ourselves completely from Satan's influence. At the end of the day, God has given every single one of us our agency because the good choices we make because WE make them, will bring the sweetest fruit. Hard work always pays off. 

Also, congrats on the SAT. Keep praying and trust in God's will. Next time you go to Longfellow, at least say whattup to 34 from me. 

5. Kim  - died with the story about you and your Bishop. Great stuff

6. Dad - thanks for the letter as always. I loved the candid interplay about Linc{s latest escapades. I can relate a ton to football video games obviously, and although I regret wasting some (not all) of my youth on things like that, it makes me happy to picture him getting a kick out it them. 

I'll leave my testimony of the importance/power of the family. I miss ya'll, but I love showing these investigators the pic of us outside of the house right before I left. They all say how cute Anna is, and everyone is jealous of our hair. We hunting for families because it's sincerely the most joyful relationship any of us can have. The family is the reason I've made it this far spiritually, and now the reason I get up, excited to work everyday. Enjoy your families!!! As for mine, we'll be together again soon!

Love ya'll (you're all my family)

Elder Blake
Happy Birthday Linc - eating a Happy Meal for him

Happy Birthday Mom - taken on your Birthday

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