Elder Isaac Blake

Elder Isaac Blake
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Sunday, October 6, 2013

October 5, 2013

Isaac received an email that Wellesley football lost to Walpole.  This email came right after that:

I bought a phone card that I'm hoping will work in ATL. I'll call in SLC for sure and I'm sure El Senor will provide a way in ATL.  I can deliver a message for sure. Also, make sure EVERYONE stays awake tomorrow (for General Conference). I received a ton of revelation from today's 6 hours (and through the power of prayer, despite getting up at 5:45 to do service, was awake for all 6). There were a number of talks that gave specific direction to Brigham's current trial, especially both Uchtdorfs. Make sure he studies those!  But tomorrow is gonna be awesome I'm sure. I wish I would have taken notes and gone in with specific questions I had in mind in the past. Pass along my strong exhortation to all please! 

Can't wait to hear your voices!

Elder Blake

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