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Saturday, April 11, 2015

First Week in Mitre

Hey fam,

It's been a crazy week here in my new area. Since I wrote ya'll, we had to pass all the transfers to the ZLs and make sure every single missionary got their bus tickets and made it to their new areas. Some poor missionaries have to travel 12 hours by bus!!

The best transfer news was that my beloved companion E' Miño got called to train. I'm sending a pic of the 3 of us. His 'hijo' is Elder Brady Bethers from Cary NC. He's a great guy - speaks a lot of Spanish for his first day and is really excited. Elder Slighting and I helped Pres with the training of the trainers and new missionaries. I got kinda nervous for my first segment, but was much better when I spoke on obedience. It's gonna be a lot of fun training these next few months. 

The day before, we helped the missionaries leaving get to the airport etc, and also received the 5 new missionaries and ate dinner with them at Pres´ house. 

Wednesday we finally got to work in my area. The other AP is Elder Slighting from Alpine, Utah - we'll be together for 3 months- Then my companion for proselytism is Elder Tello. He's great. I feel very blessed because today we have a baptism! Elder Tello and Elder Trollip (previous AP) have worked really hard here. Our first baptism is named Raquel. She's one of the most prepared converts I've met, and we've taught her every day this week. She's really excited -  It's gonna be awesome to see her keep progressing!

Thursday and Friday we spent a good part of the day meeting with Pres to discuss the plans for this transfer. We're gonna have a visit from Elder Viñas, of the 1st Quorum of the 70. We're starting to organize the 3 multizone conferences. It looks like Elder Slighting and/or I will be giving talks in these conferences O.o! I'm super stoked. 

One of the best parts about being here in this position is being able to know and work with a lot more missionaries. Every week, a group of elders comes to the offices and sleeps at our house for 2 days so that they can do visa papers. It means I get to catch up with old friends and get to know new ones. I'm striving to meet and greet with a lot of love. I would have loved to chat with a friendly, experienced missionary every once and a while when I was still young. That's something I am consciously trying to do is see life from someone else's sandals and treat them like someone very important - because they are!

Other miscellaneous thoughts:

I'll have the chance to visit converts here in Salta and hopefully in my travels in our trusty Ford Ranger as we visit the different zones in the mission. I LOVE the people I've been able to meet here and am pumped to see them again!

I started practicing driving stick 2 days ago - it's coming back quickly - Don't worry, I'll be very safe!

Love my comps - Elder Slighting is a great person. Seriously one of the best, most Christlike, humble, powerful, good men I know. We'll be starting at BYU together and look forward to being his friend for a long time!

Stealing advice from Pres. Packard thru mom - "love the person in front of you." I'm out of time but can testify of the power and importance of the Christlike attributes, like Charity, patience, and obedience. 

Love, Elder Isaac Blake
With Elder Alvarez (Honduras) - he lived with me for my first 2 transfers

With Elder Brazell (Logan) and Elders Tello (my comp) and Llanque. Brazell and Llanque are in Alberdi, where I trained and where Leandro and his fam live.

With Elder Starkey (Elder Philpots hijo)  - LOVE YOU PHILPOT, YOU'RE A BOSS

With E Miño and Bethers

Overlooking Salta

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