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Monday, November 3, 2014

2 Yr Anni de 40-34 and the torn ACL

Hey fam,

Happy day. Writing to you with a full heart - I just feel really blessed lately. 

Alright already running low on time but I've got a ton I'd like to say. 

1st of all, big BDay shoutout to Big Diesel Ned Holmes. Feliz cumpleaños amigaso!!

When I played football, I always prayed during the National Anthem before every game. Sadly, it was the only consistency I had with prayer during high school, but I can say that the seed was planted on the swamp. 

It started to grow a bit when I went off to BYU and a little more in the MTC, my first few months on my own. 

When I entered the mission field, a bit of distress and homesickness watered the seed even more. I found solace in my life and with the work pouring my heart into the Book of Mormon, doing the Bednar challenge (reading a new blank blue copy with one specific Q in mind). In a few months, I saw the Lord's hand in my life and received answers to my prayers. The tree began to sprout up. 

With one companion who didn't talk much, I started to implore to God that he fill me with Charity (Moroni 7:48). I'm not sure if I was worthy but I can tell you that God answered, slowly and surely. With trial and error and trust in God, I think He blessed me with a taste of what it's like to have charity. I freakin love that companion and really love the people of my area at the time when I really focused on charity in my prayers. If you feel unworthy, don't. If you haven't tried it for a prolonged period, try it. It works.

I learned of the power of prayer in obtaining a testimony in my 2nd area. Ask and ye shall receive. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that God lives and loves, all thanks to the prayers and studies I have said and done. 

With the seed planted and watered, my tree was finally strong enough that I could turn out and help others plant and water. Jujuy. 

Experimenting with my hijo, I learned of the power of kneeling, sincere prayer. We prayed with many people to ask God if the Church is true or the LdM true, or if they should be baptized. Many times, thanks to their real intent and sincerity, we felt unmistakable answers on our knees together. I've seen lives changed because of a prayer answered. 

My loving mother sent me this simple letter, postmarked Dec 26 2013 - "Remember to always keep a prayer in your heart. Your relationship with God will be the key to your success and happiness." This is true. 

Man, I'm not done, but it's time to go. Needless to say that these past 2 weeks, Elder Philpot and I have challenged our investigators to kneel and pray with us. We felt this Spirit and have received divine answers. This is the key to success and conversion - yesterday we had more investigators in Church than any other Sunday on my mission. We're working with quite a few wonderful families. Please pray for:

The Lobos
The Borquez fam
The Quinteros fam
The Figueroa fam

Also, the Sisters in Yerba Buena and Floresta need our prayers!!!

I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that the LdM is true and that the Gospel has been restored. Pray. Freakin - one last thing. 

From Elder Miño - Holaaa Elder papi Blake ajja aca la obra esta de diez llevamos 9 a la iglesia la semana que paso y tengo una linda noticia para usted estasmos trabajando con fabian y florencia y ayer hablamos de casarce y dijeron que lo van a pensar pero que lo van hacer asi que ya aceptaron fechas para el 29 los 2 juntos lo hice orar a fabien y dijo padre celestial quiero saber si esta es la iglesia verdadera se quedo callado un minuto y dijo gracias padre por responderme en el nombre de jesucristo amen. FUe muy lindo asi que vamos a trabajar a full con ellos!!

If it doesn't translate: Elder Miño found Fabian and Florencia again!! Just as we'd done in our time together, Miño challenged Fabian to kneel and pray and ask God if the church is true and if he should get married and baptized. Fabian said:

"Heavenly Father,

I want to know if this is the true church. 

(1 minute of silence)

Thanks for answering me.

In the name of Jesus Christ amen"

When I read that, tears came to my eyes. I can't describe the happiness that comes from trusting in prayer, teaching another missionary to trust in prayer, and than finding out that he went and rescued a friend that I had pretty much given up on. Fight on, don't give up. Pray brother

Elder Isaac Blake


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