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Elder Isaac Blake
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Monday, February 17, 2014

Feb 17, 2014

Fam and Friends,

¿Como va todo? I hope you're all enjoying the frigid North American winter. Not sure I miss it. 

This week, we lost the light in our apartment. My old companion always paid the bills and it kinda slipped my mind. So yeah, we were just straight studying and I get up to turn the light on and boom, nothing. Hahaha so we go down to the owner of the building, and she asks if we've checked the mail. "Uhhh, no." Turns out we had gas and electric dating back to Dec. 600 pesos. That, we went to RapiPago, a place to pay bills. Not sure there's an American equiv because we pay by mail or internet. Here, its straight cash. Well, the RapiPago in our area wasn't able to reinstate the light, and they sent us to the RapiPago downtown. Anyways, 2 days later, after losing an afternoon of teaching, let there be light! 

The 2 days sans luz were pretty crummy. The freezer and fridge died obviously, and now thanks to the various perishables we were keeping that have since gone nice and warm, the whole apt smells like Brigham (j/k - Brigham only stinks after football). When we planned for the following day, we had to use the piece of junk flashlights we brought. Wasn't really that bad, but the combo of a bad day of teaching and no light, I was kinda down Thursday

Another brief, seemingly unrelated exp: We taught Rita Wayar and her fam 2 times this week. We'd basically given up on her for now, even tho she's come to church 4 times, because shes so freakin hard hearted and knows it. She wants to know "why." Why do we have to suffer? Why did we have to come to earth if we lived with God before? We helped her guide herself to some answers, concluding with the preposition that the Church is true and exists to guide us back to God better than we were before and that she must know for herself. 

Why couldn't we have just stayed with God? The answer: we wanted a body so we could live like God lives. (When this doesn't make sense, call the local missionaries - they'll fill in the gaps because they're not typing this profound doctrine on a crappy Argentine keyboard with 27 mins left on the email clock). We knew it was gonna stink on ice at times, but also that it'd be necessary to learn and grow. We also knew that we would each be sent to a different apartment with a different degree of light, but that these circumstances and knowledge of the Plan would shape the person we'd become for the best. 

The great challenge of life, the great blessing of the Plan, is that we are given our agency to decide what we want, what we'll do, where we'll go, and who we'll be. 

We often go along sitting in our apartments, subconsciously enjoying the light. We take it for granted and really don't even think about it. Life is good. The challenge, thus, is that we really don't comprehend that we have the ability and opportunity to have so much more light. Perhaps for some, we've just never been to Home Depot and seen the dope 50000w light bulbs marketed by God Inc. Maybe it doesn't matter to us what kind of light it is, as long as there's light. Perhaps we're just content with the light bulbs we have now. The point is, unfortunately we almost always wait for our lights to go out to go to Home Depot or RapiPago to get it back on. We only then realize how freakin lost we are. When times get tough and we can't see, we then go to the source. In reality, this fall or trial really stinks. It humbles us, changes our perspective, and opens the door to much more light. 

So in the grand scheme of God's Plan, where are you? Who cares right now. Don't wait for the lights to go out, whether for your own ignorance or forgetfulness, or for some natural consequences. Trust me, if they aren't already flickering or out now, they will be pretty soon. We all pass thru our own personal "valley of the shadow of death." Don't wait to go to Home Depot. Don't wait to go to the light. 

Jesus said:

"I am the alight of the world: he that followeth me shall not bwalk in cdarkness, but shall have the light of life." - John 8:12

Jesus Christ established his church, but it was lost when he was crucified by man. This Church has been restored again in our time, by Jesus himself. Joseph Smith is the prophet that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ chose to organize this restoration. He received and translated ancient plates written by American prophets into the Book of Mormon. This Church is the only true way to receive all the light God has for us. 

That sounds kinda far-fetched; I recognize that. It's either true or its not. I know it's true, and I invite all to get to know all that the Church has to offer, and then go to the source, asking with faith if it's true. Don't wait for your light to go out. 

I love all of you. Thanks for the many emails I got today. Keep fighting and go to the light!
Elder Blake

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